Bully 999

Lucy is a victim of cyber-bullying. When a group of people take it to far, when the only friend Lucy has turns against her, when her world slowly falls apart. What will she do. " They trapped me into this world, the anonymous world. One where i thought i had done the damage, where i had made the mistakes. I was slowing dying but each breath saved me. My bullies were trying to murder me like i was trying to kill myself."


2. Before.

This is before. Before everything bad happend. When i was Lucy. Lucy French, this likable one. 

"Hey Lucy, are you coming prom this friday?" Ashley asked as she aproached me and her locker. "Yeah well obviously Ash, I wouldnt miss it for the world, and after all i might be the Prom Queen" I giggled along with ashley, redid my makeup and strutted of down the corridoor to my first class. "Talk to you later babe"Ashley walked over to her class. I wlaked over to my usual seat, right at the back, therefore no one would see me texting. I sat down and put my bag to the side. "Hey Josh, you coming this Friday?" I asked sweetly, my face flirtatious less resting on my hand. Josh was one of the most popular boys in school, everyone wanted to get with him. Everyone knew it was going to be me. "Yeah sure, why you asking me to be your date" He replied with a smirk. "Haha no, but are you asking me" I asked picking at my french manicure. "Well i guess i am now, Lucy do you wanna be my date to prom?" Josh asked me polietly but with a bit of edge to it. "Sure i will! Be at mine at 7 on friday?" I informed. "Yep its a date!" Ah what a way to start the day i thought. I mean everyone was right! No i actually might have a chance with Josh. I knew that Ash would be totally jealous. 


Class ended and i met Ashley outside her class, Josh passed me and turned and winked while walking past me with a group of his friends. It wasnt official, we werent officially a couple, but we were in my mind. I was so busy day dreaming about me and Josh that when i woke up out of it Ashley was snapping her finger in face. "Oh what sorry?" i said. "So i seen josh wink at you whats going on!" She asked excitedly whilst walking down to the cafeteria. "Well he asked me out"i replied smiling at the ground. "Really ugh Luce! im so jealous of you!" she said. I knew she would be jealous, she always is of me. 


After school me and Ash  headead to town to shop for dresses. "How about this one" Ash held a sparkly blue dress witha open cut down the left. "Nahh to, Angelina Jolie" I laughed. I seen this creamy pink strapless knee tight dress and the end. With lace on the boob tube. "This one!" i said holding it up. "Are you sure Luce, i mean its a big burlesque." Ash replied. "Perfect then im getting this one, Josh will obviously love it." I said explaining everything to Ash. 

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