Was that a floating turtle?

Lucy has a massive crush on Harry. Harry has a massive crush on Jasmine. Jasmine is Lucy's best friend.
- Friendship gangs
- 'Hot boys'
- Embarrassing moments
- The life of a crazy in love 15 year old

Oh and sometimes it's a little funny too


2. Science partners

What a day! As I said in my previous diary entry. I AM IN LOVE WITH HARRY! I also said that I sat next to him in science which is the reason for my increasingly low grades. Today sir told us we had to go in science partners. Usually this is a chance for you to give the signal to your bestfriend and then run over to them screaming and yelling. Well that's what I do anyway. But me and my bestfriends have a rule. If our crush asks us to be partners we ditch everything and anyone just to stick by them. Desperate. Yes, I am. But only for Harry! 
"Err, Lucy, would you be my partner?" 
Those were his exact words! I almost fainted. I wish I did. That would have been a lot more attractive than falling off your stall in a fit of giggles and snorts. 
"EEEEE! YES! I mean of course Harry" Quick change of tone from excited 5 year old to sophisticated 15 year old. He then smiled at me and I gave him a toothy unattractive smile back. He then gave me a list of instructions and took the whole ice melting very seriously. But god his focus face is attractive. If he looked carefully at me, he may have seen me melting of inloveness. Yes. That is a real disease. 

In the end we one our project and he held my hand to lift it up like winners do. I have still not washed my hand and science was first period at 9:15. It is now 11:35. I DON'T CARE IF THIS HAND GROWS MOLD. I WILL NEVER WASH IT!


3:15 AM

I am crying to myself. I woke up to go to the loo and...I washed the Harry hand!


3:17 AM


Life will never be the same. That hand was my ticket to marriage.


3:20 AM


Great. Never going to get married just because I went for an early morning pee. 

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