Was that a floating turtle?

Lucy has a massive crush on Harry. Harry has a massive crush on Jasmine. Jasmine is Lucy's best friend.
- Friendship gangs
- 'Hot boys'
- Embarrassing moments
- The life of a crazy in love 15 year old

Oh and sometimes it's a little funny too


1. Just kind of weird that way

Hello you reading. I don't know who you are or why you are reading my diary but I hope that you find it interesting enough to carry on. NO! DON'T STOP! 

Anyway, this is going to be my diary. I have said this about a million times but honestly I am trying my hardest to keep this one. I am going to tell you a little bit about myself and my family and gang.

My name is Lucy and I am 15 years old. I have the most disgusting features. I have hair that can't decide what colour it wants to be. One day it will be verging on blonde and the next day I could be ginger. OK well maybe it isn't as drastic as that but seriously, my hair has a mind of its own. It also NEVER grows. My whole life I have had a bob. I was probably born with one. But recently miracles of all miracles. It grew! I now have hair just below my shoulders. You've probably had enough of me moaning about my hair... lets move on to my face. I have freckles. Not normal freckles. They are literally the kind of freckles you would draw onto a person. I have about 6 very faint freckles either side of my nose and possibly about 10 on my actual nose. At least I'm not covered head to toe in them. If I was, I would wear no clothes because they look like clothing anyway. That should be a law you know. Anyone who has freckles is aloud to not wear clothes. Actually no. Imagine huge hairy giant men walking down the street with their trouser pet just hanging, free. I apologize for putting that imagine into your head. The rest of my face is relatively OK. My eyes are blue and I have long lashes; my eyebrows are a normal shape and I have never needed to pluck them; my lips are quite big with a dip. Good for kissing if you know what I mean. Well of course you know what I mean. Who hasn't heard of kissing? My body is tiny. Midget sized. People must pass me in the street and say "WOW! LOOK, SHE'S SMALLER THAN MY CAT" Because I am. The only person smaller than me in my year is Judeth Poll. She's a 13 year old brain box who got moved up to our year because she is, well, a brain box. 
           Harry, aaaahh Harry. I think he might be the love of my life you know. He is 16 and has gorgeous, perfect brown hair. Brown eyes and perfect skin. Perfect hands. Muscly, athletic everything oh just everything! I sit next to him in science and its like a dream. Everyone fancies him so I have a 1 in a billion chance of dating him. I bet you fancy him too don't you. No? You're lying. 
          Siblings. People say they're annoying but mine are just amazing. I have a little sister called Abby. She's 8, already stunning and into all things girly. But she's so funny! She says the ranomest cutest things and sometimes, she snorts when she laughs. Then there's Brayden. He's 18 and into his music. He's in a band called CATASTROPHIC and they play all round town. Being in a band means he can get me into lots of call gigs and clubs and he earns a bit of cash which he can lend me! Brayden, Abby and I live with our Mum in a flat in London. Dad left her a long time ago for some women called Veronica. She was Polish and Dad wanted something new. I can't remember much about him. He and Mum split when I was 2 and at the age of 7 me and Brayden made the decision that we did not want to see him anymore as he was heavily drinking and not a dad at all. Mum then got in many more relationships and had a 2 year one with a man called Rob. He was nice enough but only wanted mum for her money. Once Mum told him she was pregnant with Abby he packed his bag and left. So mum said she had had enough with men and was going to be a single women for the rest of her life. In other words she realized she had awful taste in men and decided instead of living in embarrassment she would hide from them completely. 

Just realized I have completely forgotten about possibly the most amazing thing in my life. My mates. Aimie, Abby, Tori, Lauren, and Daisy. We like to call ourselves LUAHAGOL (law-ha-gol) It stands for Let Us All Have A Good Old Laugh. Daisy made it up. When we were all about 8 she was really into poetry. In on of her poems it had the line: 

I'll have fun,
In the bath,
Let us all have a good old laugh 

Obviously we do not have fun in the bath but the last line always stuck in our heads even though it is a bit long and complicated and the anagram is even worse but, I guess we're just kind of weird that way.



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