Yellow Diamonds (On Hold)

It's like you're screaming and no one can hear, you almost feel ashamed, that someone could be that important that without them, you feel like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts, you feel hopeless like nothing can save you, and when it's over and it's almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back so that you could have the good.


6. Chapter 4

  The music blared from the speakers as we jumped up and down. I was on Niall's shoulders in denim shorts, an american flag bikini and and a short denim jacket that also had a bit of the american flag on it. We were having a great time and I felt on top of the world. I climbed off Niall's back and just started jumping around myself. I tripped and Niall went falling with me. I was on top of him and we were in the mud, I leaned in and kissed him. It just felt amazing.   "Niall, I don't think that's a good idea. You've had enough to drink." "You can't tell me what to do. Fucking bitch." He slapped me on the face and then punched my arm. Luckily no one was near us so they didn't see. He came close to my face. "Now you know not to tell me what to do," he said. He closed the gap between our lips and kissed me. I felt his tongue on my lip but I didn't open my mouth. I wasn't kissing back but then he grabbed my ass and I gasped. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth. He moved it around but I didn't do anything with mine and that's when he bit on it. He was being so violent lately. "Now hand me a beer," he said once he pulled away. "S-sure," I stuttered and handed him the can of budweiser. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Do you want to come out with me?" Zayn asked as I sat down on the couch. "Where you going?" I asked. "There's a rave on at that field place like 3 miles away and i'm going." "No, i'm gonna stay here." "Are you sure? Cause you always loved going." "I'm sure Zayn. I just have bad memories from the last time I was there." "Care to share?" He smiled at me. "Not really, it's just personal. Stuff that no one knows about." "Oh ok. You know if you ever need anyone to talk to i'm here." "I know, thanks Zayn. Now go, I don't wanna hold you back from going." "Let's just hope I have some fun," he winked and got up from the sofa. I chuckled before replying as he walked out the door. "Use protection." He poked his head round the door and held up a condom packet. "I always do." "Bye bad boi." "Bye!" I sinked into the sofa and prepared myself for a day of watching Jeremy Kyle. Just like me and Niall used to. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey...i'm gonna update this movella again on Sunday cause I gotta write more. 17 days till I see 1D live!! excited!!...thanks for reading!! Ciara xx


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