Every Thursday

Every Thursday is about a group of teenage girls with problems: one is pregnate, one has a substance abuse problem, one is a tramp, one is abused by her football player boyfriend, and the last girl witnessed her sister die. Every week they all go to a program to help discuss their problems with one of the conserlors at their school. It turns from an indeividuel session into a group session leading the girls who have grown up into different social groups to become friends. The learn more about themselves each week leading up to what they really want to become in the end...


1. First Day

"Does anybody want to start off for the day?" Mrs. Timber asked staring out into the group of girls.
We all sat in a big circle in one of the class rooms at school. The school was mostly empty besides the few house keepers and students who were here for extra help or sporting events. I waited for for someone to speak up as a rub my tummy that stuck out a bit.
"I'll go," I said in a small voice. Once I got a nod from Mrs. Timber, I sucked in some air then proceeded, "Hi, my name is Penelope Wlash. I'm a junior here at Rosewood Hights. And... I'm pregnant."
"Good, Penelope. Does anyone want to go next or should I start calling out names?" Mrs. Timber asked. She waited a couple seconds which seemed like hours to me. I sat there waiting for someone else to go, wishing I didn't go first.
"My name is Bay Lindsey, I'm also a junior here with miss perfect who ended up pregnate. I don't think I have a problem but the principle made me do this." A girl with deep black hair and ocean blue eyes said. I knew her from around school but I never talked to her. She was the type of girl who hung out with the wrong people and did the wrong stuff. I knew that she didn't like me. I never understood why but from the smile upon her crooked lips I could tell she was pleased that I was in so much trouble being pregnate and all. I bit my lip from not saint anything. Group was suppose to be a safe place, not for kicks and giggles.
"Mrs. Timber! How are we suppose to trust that our problems won't get flaunted around this school when we have someone like Bay here?" A girl with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes protested. I knew her as well. Her name was Riley Regan. She was a senior at the school, one of the most popular girls around. You know the type. Head cheerleader, perfect-all-star-all-American-football-playing-boyfriend, richest parents in town, and top designer clothes. Everybody who was anybody want to be her or be friends with her. Why she was here, I didn't know.
Mrs. Timber rubbed her temples then looked at Bay, "She is right Bay, this is suppose to be a place where we can talk and not be judge. If I here anything coming from you, I will talk to the principle and you know what will happen."
The way Bay's eyes widened, I could tell Mrs. Timber had something on her. I watched as Bay slowly nodded then I realized I was holding my breath. I let it go slowly then looked back up at Mrs. Timber.
She wasn't as old as the other conserlors. She had dark blonde hair that ended at her shoulders in a choppy manner. She had smooth white skin with the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen. She had a long hook nose that made its way to her small pink lips that were never glossed. She had a short, plump build that she never dressed to right. Other than all that, she still had a sense of beauty. Something a lot of people didnt have.
"Riley, how about you go next." She said in her calming voice.
Riley huffed then said, "I'm Riley Reagan. I'm a senior. The reason why I'm here is something I'm not ready to talk about."
"Mona. I'm Mona Garcia. I'm a freshmen. I witnessed the death of my sister." A hushed voice spoke up after Riley. It was a very small girl with mouse brown hair with matching eyes. If she hasn't spoken up now, I probably would have never noticed her. She was so plain looking but who wouldn't be if the watched their sister die. I felt for the girl.
There was one last girl, someone I knew or should I say someone everyone knew. Her name was Quinn Lazerbeam and to be nice, lets just say she got around with a lot of guys. She was very tall and skinny but she had some great assets as the guys would say. She had long blonde hair that made its way to her bum. Her eyes were the color of the sky, the kind of blue everyone wanted. Her skin was tanned perfectly along and her face never held a blemish. Lets just be honest, everything about Quinn was perfect. Besides her reputation. Like I said, the girl got around.
"Hello everybody, I'm Quinn. I'm a sophomore here and I'm here because..."
"Your too easy." Bay coughed.
I expected Quinn's facial expression to change but it didn't, she held her composure. She lefted her hand to smooth back her hair then said, "My parents are getting a divorce and I want to learn how to deal with it better."
With that, everyone was introduced. We all looked at Mrs. Timber to see what was next. This wasn't our usual thing. It use to be a one on one thing but then they changed into a group program to save the school some time and money I suppose. I've only been talking with Mrs. Timber for two weeks now because I just found out about the pregnancy. These girls have been talking to her for a lot longer.
"Penelope, lets start with you. How are you feeling? How is your family taking it?"
I sat there and thought about it for a moment. My mom was a teen mom as well and as much as she didn't want me to fall in her footsteps, it happened. She was more understanding and helpful unlike my father. If it weren't for my mother I know I wouldn't be living in my house, I would be living with my grandma. I haven't even spoken to my dad since I told him and my mom. I wish that I would have told them first, that's a thing I regret most right now. I told my boyfriend first then I told my grandma who helped me tell my parents. Which now makes me think of my boyfriend. Well. I don't know where we stand at the moment.
Luke was a very smart guy. He had one of the highest GPA's in the school, he played sports, and he was very much into school like clubs and such. He was a senior and his future is very bright. The second he found out about me being pregnant, it was like his whole life shattered before his eyes. I haven't talked to him since, just like my dad. I've never felt so alone.
"Fine, not great but we are getting through it." I lied.
I didn't listen to the rest of the group talk even when Bay and Riley started to fight. All I Luke thing about was Luke and my dad. Then I started to think about my baby and the life I could provide for her, I haven't worked a day in my life because of the sports I did. I could feel the tears in my eyes then I felt myself stand up and leave the room still holding my stomach...
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