Forever After

Vicky was surprised to find Harry Styles sitting alone on a bench after his recent breakup. She comforts him and a new friendship has begun. Harry finds it in his heart that he wants to be hers. But will the fact that she lives in California keep them apart?


5. You Again

(Vicky's P.O.V)

The next week, Jade, Kerry, and I were getting ready at my house for the concert. Kerry was wearing Niall's favorite color, hoping he would notice at the concert. Jade wore a stripped dress, hoping Louis would notice. On the other hand, I was so excited to see Harry that I couldn't decide what to wear. That's when my mum walked in and saw that I was stressed out. She was holding a white box in her hand that read 'Forever 21' on it. " Mija, this is for you." my mum said, handing me the box. I opened the box to find a beautiful, plain, green dress. It had tiny gold sequins at the shoulder line. I loved green! I gave my mum a hug and decided to wear the dress to the concert.


(Harry's P.O.V)

There was an hour left before the concert. The lads were with their girlfriends, and I was just alone in the corner thinking about Vicky. Niall's girlfriend Sierra saw that I was alone and walked up to me. " Harry, you'll see her again." Sierra said smiling. I smiled back and decided to join the others. I was the only lad in the band that didn't have a girlfriend. Zayn had a girlfriend named Chaymae. Chaymae was an actress from Bradford. Louis was still dating Eleanor. They have been going strong for a long time. Liam was still with Danielle and they were now engaged. And I already mentioned Niall is dating Sierra. Sierra was a model from Dublin. It was a bit akward watching the lads with their girls. It made me think more and more about Vicky. I remember her telling me that she lived here in California. She also mentioned that she wanted to be a singer, but she didn't have time to persue her dream. I missed her a lot. 


(Vicky's P.O.V)

My mum was driving us to the concert. We were all so excited! The whole way there we sang One Direction songs.When we finally arrived, Kerry and Jade began to cry. I couldn't stop laughing at them because they were being so weird. We sat in our seats and began to talk. After 30 minutes, the lights went down and the boys came out on stage. My eyes went straight to Harry. The first song they sang was Kiss You from their new album. At Harry's solo, he spotted me. he began walking towards me. When he finally got to me, it was Niall's solo. Harry saw that the girls and I were dancing our moves we made. He grabbed my hand and pulled me on the stage. I was so scared. Harry told the audience to follow my moves. I began doing 'the fish' and the boys followed along. After the second time through the chorus(towards the end), Louis handed me a mic. I was shaking but I began to sing along. To my surprise I didn't mess up. When the song finished, Niall took me back to my seat. The rest of the concert was amazing! The boys sang WMYB as their last song and Harry directed his solos toward me.



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