Forever After

Vicky was surprised to find Harry Styles sitting alone on a bench after his recent breakup. She comforts him and a new friendship has begun. Harry finds it in his heart that he wants to be hers. But will the fact that she lives in California keep them apart?


2. The Stranger


Vicky was walking to a Best Friends' house for a last minute sleepover. She was halfway there when she noticed someone sitting on a bench. "Who would be sitting alone on a bench so late in the night?" she thought. The person looked very much like Harry Styles. As she got closer and closer, she realized it was Harry Styles! Vicky walked up to the bench and stood behind him. When Harry finally turned around, she asked him why he was alone. "Where are all the screaming fans? And where are the other 4 boys?" . Harry faked a smile, then took a sip of his beer. Vicky could tell he was sad and lonely, so she started a conversation.


(Harry's P.O.V)

I took a sip of my beer and the girl asked me why I was upset. I didn't want to seem upset, so I told her I was ok. She gave me a face that showed she knew I was lieing. I knew she wouldn't leave without an answer. "Ok. I just broke up with someone... She didnt take it that well..." I'm glad I had only taken a couple of beer sips because I would have made a scene. "Oh do you mean Selena?" she asked. I suddenly got the feeling that I could talk to her about it. "Yes. She only wanted material things from me. I felt like I was living our song, I Want. I felt like she was just using me. I don't think she ever loved me..." I told her. She gave me a smile and say next to me. "I haven't introduced myself. I'm..." Before she could finish, her phone went off with WMYB as the ringtone. She answered the phone and talked for a while. There was something about her. I just couldn't pin point it. When she finally hung up the phone, she looked a little upset.


(Vicky's P.O.V)

I hung up my phone and gave a face to Harry showing that I had to leave. "Harry. I'm sorry, but I was suppose to be somewhere. And now my best friends are freaking out cause it's late and dark out. Plus I'm walking alone, so that scared them even more." Harry nodded and offered to walk me there. "I don't think you should. My friends won't be as calm as I am. They are as big of directioners as I am." I warned him. Harry gave me a smile then laughed. "I've dealt with all types of fans before..." Harry said with a smirk. I have him a nod and we began walking. I finally introduced myself to him. I also noticed that he couldn't stop smiling. He told me jokes and stories about the boys. This had to be the best night ever!

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