Forever After

Vicky was surprised to find Harry Styles sitting alone on a bench after his recent breakup. She comforts him and a new friendship has begun. Harry finds it in his heart that he wants to be hers. But will the fact that she lives in California keep them apart?


4. The Boys Know


The next day Vicky woke up with a text from Jade. "Hey Vicky. I'm trying to get us 1D tickets! Help me! Just go on their website and enter the contest! They're sending out emails to the winners in 30 minutes!   -Jade xx " Vicky hurried to open her laptop and entered the contest. Once she entered, she called Kerry and told her to do the same. All three best friends had entered the contest and hoped to win the tickets.


(Vicky's P.O.V)

I wanted to win the tickets so badly! I wanted to see Harry again! The tickets came with backstage passes and dinner with all of the boys! It was a total of three tickets, so if only one of us won, we could all go. After about 15 minutes, we all got emails. We all were on a 3 way call so we could read the emails together. Kerry read hers first. But she didn't win. Then it was Jade's turn. She didn't win either. It was all up to me. I read the email, " Thank you for entering our contest..." Then my eyes got bigger and I began to read louder. " Congratulations! You are the winner of the 3 One Direction Tickets!" Jade and Kerry began to scream and I just started laughing. "Vicky, this is your lucky week or something! First Harry... and now the tickets!" Kerry said. I started smiling and blushing. I then sent the owner of the website my information so they could send me the tickets.


(Harry's P.O.V)

We had just been informed that 3 lucky people would get free concert tickets, backstage passes, and a special dinner with us. The boys were happy, especially Niall when he hear "special dinner". I was the only one not excited because I was in a 'trance'.  Zayn snapped his fingers in front of my face, but I just stood there with a blank expression. I finally snapped out of it when Niall threw donut at my head. " Is it a girl?" Zayn asked me. I replied with an immediate no and we began practicing Gotta Be You. When my solo came, i fell into another 'trance'. The boys pulled me off the stage and Boo Bear slapped me. " What was that for?!" I said yelling at Louis. They all looked at me, as if they were waiting for me to tell them something. "What's her name?" Liam finally said. "Who?" I said lieing. "We all know its a girl Harry! Niall told us about your late night 'swimming'." I knew I wasn't going to get away with it. "Her name is Vicky..." I finally answered. I started going into another 'trance' but Louis slapped me again. I yelled ow and punched him in the arm. " Did you get her number?" Niall asked with a cheeky smile. I was about to answer when Paul called us out onstage. The lads and I went back onstage. And the rest of the rehearsal, the lads made sure i didn't fall into anymore 'trances'. But that didn't stop me from thinking about Vicky. There was no way of getting her out of my mind. We had a show to do in 1 week and I wasn't even focused.

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