Forever After

Vicky was surprised to find Harry Styles sitting alone on a bench after his recent breakup. She comforts him and a new friendship has begun. Harry finds it in his heart that he wants to be hers. But will the fact that she lives in California keep them apart?


3. Friend or a New Love?

(Harry's P.O.V)

As we go closer and closer to her friends' house, I had a feeling I didn't want her to leave. Her smile was amazing and she made me laugh. When we finally arrived, there were two girls waiting for Vicky on the front porch. Vicky told me to hide so she could surprise her friends. I hid behind a tree waiting for her to call me. This was pretty exciting.


(Vicky's P.O.V)

I ran up to my best friends Jade and Kerry. They gave me huge hugs and told me that they were worried. When they finally let go, I gave them a huge smile. " Guys, I have a surprise!" Jade's eyes got bigger when i said this. " What is it?" they both asked in excitement. I called out for Harry and he came striding towards us. Jade and Kerry started to scream when they saw him. I shushed and reminded them that it was very late. "Hello girls." Harry said. The girls began crying and eventually said hi. "How do you know Harry Styles?!" Kerry asked still crying. Right when I was about to answer, Harry grabbed my hand. "Love, I have to go back to the Hotel before Niall wakes up for his midnight snack. And if he notices I'm gone I'll get in a lot of trouble." He said with disappointment. I understood and I didn't want him to get in trouble so i said goodbye. He gave me a hug. Then to my surprise he kissed my cheek! He said his final goodbye and left. After he left, i explained to the girls how I had come to meet Harry.


(Harry's P.O.V)

As I started walking back to the hotel I was going crazy and began talking to myself. "Harry! Why did you kiss her?! You just got out of a relationship with Selena!" That whole phrase kept running through my mind until I finally reached the hotel. I walked into the hotel and got into the elevator. I still had the beer in my hand and it was almost full. When I got to my level, I threw the beer away in the nearest trash bin. I walked into the room trying not to make noise. I walked toward the bedrooms and noticed that the kitchen light was on. "Oh no! Niall's awake!" I thought to myself. I tried to sneak past the kitchen, but Niall saw me. "Harry? What are you doing up, mate?" I tried to the of a lie as fast as I could. Niall looked at me while eating a donut, waiting for me to answer. " I was... swimming..." I lied to Niall. Niall looked at me, confused. "Why so late?" he asked. I didn't want to tell him I was out with another girl already. They all already knew that I broke up with Selena. "I'll tell you tomorrow..." I said, yawning to fool Niall. I yawned abit more and walked to the bedroom I shared with Zayn. I put on my PJ's and got in bed. I couldn't stop thinking about Vicky. I fell asleep with a smile on my face with a picture of her in my mind.


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