Never Give Up

Emma and Harry are as close as a brother and sister and are growing closer. Until Harry has to leave, due to becoming successful with 4 other boys. The only problem is that Emma had fallen in love with Harry and couldn't quite understand why she'd never told him sooner. Unfortunately, he starts to lose his spark with Emma and regain it with the boys.
Will she be able to fix her broken heart or will she be stuck with it forever?

'Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.' - The Wizard Of Oz.


1. From the beginning

I would like to dedicate this fanfic to the directioners out there that might never get the chance to meet One Direction, but please... never give up and even if it means fighting till the end, I know you will get your dream. Just please, never give up. xxx


I have never understood what it is like to have a great big bunch of close friends because I have only ever had one. The closest person I know is my best friend Harry. We are closer than Siamese twins and we manage to tell each other everything. The first time I met Harry, I had just started Kingsmill Junior School in my home town, Halifax. I had moved here from Ireland with my mum, dad and two sisters; Isabelle (currently 17 years old) and Rachel (currently 14 years old). I didn't really know anyone at the time and I felt a bit scared in case I was never going to make any friends. Then I bumped into Harry. We were both the same age and into most of the same stuff. We would go everywhere together, the playground, the fun fair, I even ate tea at his house every night. Sometimes we would take it in turns, but I was mostly over his house due to my parents working late.

As we grew older and moved up in primary school, we managed to cling onto each other until our last year at Kingsmill. The leaving party was such a laugh, we stuffed our faces with chocolate cake, drank heaps of fizzy drinks and we were about as hyper as an excited chipmunk. I will admit, we did have our moments of crying and hugging, but it was only because we knew we had to put up with each other in high school too, haha. I can remember when the bell went for home time and we rushed to the back of the class to be the first ones out of the door, keen to leave everything behind and start fresh in high school.

The holidays went by pretty fast and we spent most of our time together, outside in the fresh summer sun. We always used to love going outside and laying down, side by side on top of the hills. I would make daisy chains whilst Harry would show me his amazing dance moves to Michael Jackson at full volume. The nights were long and we would eat ice-cream on my front porch outside my house. I miss the times we spent together and with high school just around the corner, I knew we were going to grow apart, I just chose to ignore it. Harry always used to say we would be together forever, he was always so careless and never worried about anything.

When the holidays were over and the days started to get longer, Harry and I were preparing for our first day at Trinity Academy High School. It was meant to be the most educational school in Halifax, with teachers that never failed when it came to teaching. My mum and I would hop in the car and drive to Harry's house where he would be waiting with his rucksack in one hand and a half eaten piece of fruit in the other. He would always save me some of it, seeing as though I never had time for breakfast. I can remember the butterflies in my tummy as we headed further towards the entrance of the school gates. My mum standing in front of the car, waving goodbye to us. I clung onto Harry's hand and pushed open the big glass door into school. It had that smell of new carpet and the walls were painted in a patterned order. Green, then white, then black stripes were patterned into the walls as you walked down the long narrow hallways.

Classrooms were in rows and they seemed to never end. There would always be a short queue of students waiting to be told they could go in and sit in their assigned seats the teacher had given them. Harry and I were always the last ones to join the back of the short queue outside room 101 and the teacher would always tell us to take out our books before going into the classroom. I was given a seat on the front row next to a girl called Olivia and Harry was given a seat on the 3rd row from the front, sitting next to a boy called Tyrone. I got to know some of the girls in the class pretty well and it seemed Harry started to introduce himself to the whole back row of the class. I can see why, they were all boys. You see, Harry has never had such good luck with girls, seeing as though I'm the only one has come close to before.

At lunch time, we would meet up with each other outside his classroom and rush to the canteen where we would prowl each and every table to find two spare seats. We always ended up sitting on the table with the teachers, I always thought it was because they felt sorry for us because we felt left out. I loved lunch times with Harry, on Monday's we would have spaghetti and tacos, lemon sponge with custard and a carton of orange juice with two straws stuffed into each side of it. At the end of the day we would both stroll out of our classrooms and casually walk out of school feeling like we had just had a day at the zoo and stayed in the monkey cage for hours. It was great though and such an amazing experience on our first day in huge school. We would also go to the shop on our way home and spend about ten minutes swinging on the railings before my mum would ring and say teas was ready.

He would walk me to my house and we would do our secret handshake before he ran down the street to meet up with his brother Jake and his dog Barker. A tiny little Jack Russel that growled like a tiny little lion. After tea, I would ring Harry and we used to talk for hours about people we hated in some of our classes. We had the most random conversations ever!


A couple of years later when we moved into Year 10, we grew more mature and things like secret handshakes and daisy chains stopped. We each had very fancy mobile phones and the conversations we had after tea stopped too. We would text each other, not as often as we used to ring but it was regularly. He would send little smiley faces and I would send two kisses on the end of each sentence. When puberty kicked in and hormones took over, it was like a roller coaster of emotions and as our appearances changed, so did our personalities. I became more girly, I started to shop with my sisters more frequently, I would read magazines about boy bands and watch shows like The X Factor and Hollyoaks.

Harry would start to give people nicknames, I had one called Emz. Basically, he said he couldn't be bothered calling me by my proper name because i was too tiring. His appearance changed dramatically and he became more handsome and boyish. I can remember one time I saw him, his spot free face was staring at me with his dark shades on and his hair all tucked to one side. His outfits changed too... he would buy designer shoes, coats, jeans and would always ask me for fashion advice on what to do with his hair.

When we moved into Year 11, I never really got to see him much and when I found out he'd applied for The X Factor, I was so happy for him! I hugged him so tight and each and every day I would remind him to never give up and whether he does or doesn't make it, I would always be there for him. Well, I kept my promise, but when he started to progress in the show and he was put into a group with four other boys, he made it very clear he had more important things to do than talk to me.

That was when the text messages stopped and he would post at least five pictures onto his Twitter account each day of him with the boys. He looked happy and he looked as if he was enjoying himself. I knew I had to be happy for him so I put all the negative things to the back of my mind and started thinking of the positives. There were not many, but I managed to stop myself from crying. The started to realize that the only reason I was upset was because I had fallen for Harry and having spent so much time with him, I didn't want to let him go.








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