Kidnapping Rachel

Mute by choice, seems weird, right? In the world of Rachel Vahn things are complicated, and broken. She's sick, and untreated. She's abused by her father. Her mom has been dead for years, and now Rachel has had enough. Things take a turn for weird when Rachel is kidnapped by the world's biggest heartthrobs, One Direction.


13. Chapter13


I woke up to find the absence of Niall in the bed next to me. As I sat up, an overpowering wave of nausea and agony washed over me. I stood up to go to the bathroom, when I was greeted by the plush carpet, my hands gripping the fabric. I felt warm liquid rush up my throat, and a copper taste washed over my taste buds. Blood fell from my mouth and to the carpet, my breath was cut off by blood dripping from my sinuses.

My head was pounding, and my heart was thudding into overdrive. My lungs were on fire as the crimson stained my lips. The floor was absorbing the growing stain of blood. All I could think of was that I didn't want to die. I didn't want to leave Niall. I started to cry as I was still falling apart at the seams, physically and emotionally.

Just then, Niall burst into the room, taking in the sight of me on the floor, his eyes filled with terror. He called back over his shoulder, yelling inaudible demands, I suppose. He came towards me, kneeling beside me. I willed myself to keep the blood in my throat, I needed to let him know how scared I was. 

"I don't want to die." I said, my lips slippery from the crimson liquid coating them.

His eyes filled with hurt, and rubbed circles on my back as I continued to soil his carpet. Still choking on blood and sobs, I was somewhat comforted by his presence.

Suddenly, I was wisked away by unknown people, on an unknown object. I tried calling for Niall, but the blood was still choking me, drowning me. I tried fighting the strangers, but I was too weak.

Soon, the darkness flooded my vision, and I fell into the abyss of the unknown.

(A/N: Sorry for the short and crappy chapter, I'm not feeling well today, and not in the best mood. Anyways, not sure when I'll update again, I might be going on hiatus for a while. Love you guys! xoxoxoxoxox ~ SammyBear)


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