Kidnapping Rachel

Mute by choice, seems weird, right? In the world of Rachel Vahn things are complicated, and broken. She's sick, and untreated. She's abused by her father. Her mom has been dead for years, and now Rachel has had enough. Things take a turn for weird when Rachel is kidnapped by the world's biggest heartthrobs, One Direction.


9. Chapter 9


I've been thinking about actually talking to Niall, I've been here a week already. Harry and Zayn still abuse me in cruelty, I don't get why they hate me so much. Liam likes to play video games, which I tend to watch him, I find it interesting. Louis has an addiction to carrots, and he's quite loud. I have feelings for Niall, but I'm not sure if he'll ever know that.

"Hey." Niall said as he entered the room.

He sat on the floor next to me, so I looked up from the drawing I was doing. He got me a sketch pad and pencils a couple of hours ago. I was currently working on a portrait of Zayn and Harry, but it's distorted, and sharper than normal. The edges appear to be cutting into the paper, their smiles show cruelty, and their eyes are dark. 

"So, I was just thinking, if you were ready to talk to me... Would you mind telling me your name?" He asked hesitantly.

My heart thumped loudly, as I was about to trust him with my words.

"Rachel" I said quietly, the word tasting foreign and my voice gravely from lack of use.

"That's a beautiful name, Rachel." He said, trying my name out with a smile.

"I don't know how to read." I admitted quietly, biting my lip from embarrassment.

"Would you like to learn?" He asked gently.

I nodded and looked at him, his blue eyes shone in the dimly lit room.

"Can I ask you a favour?" I asked hesitantly.

"Anything." He replied, his eyes unmoving from my face.

"Can you keep Harry and Zayn away from me?" I said, a tear spilling over, my freshly used voice cracking.

"What'd they do to you?" He asked, concern filling his features.

"They hurt me." I say, it's the only way I know how to describe it.

He nodded, and I showed him my drawing.

"I'm only going to show you... And I'm only going to speak to you." I said truthfully.

His eyes ran over their portraits, drinking up the sharp lines of graphite. He nodded, and continued to stare at the drawing.

"This is amazing, where'd you learn to draw like that?" He asked, in awe.

"I didn't, I just started drawing, and that's what came out." I replied quietly.

He nodded, and I smiled gently at him. Then we heard a door slam shut, and footsteps angrily wandering up the stairs.

I froze as I heard my dad's farmiliar slur ring throughout the house, and Harry and Zayn's cruel laughter.

"Help." I whispered to Niall, who was looking quite confused.

He nodded and hid me in the closet behind some clothing as he went and pretended to sleep.

I then heard my father enter the room, and he started to approach. I stayed quiet, hardly daring to breathe as I heard him and Niall proceed to argue. I heard the farmiliar scuffle of fighting, and a thud as someone fell to the ground.

I then heard footsteps advancing towards my hiding spot. A tear fell as the closet handel started to twist. The door opened to reveal a farmiliar face...  

(A/N: Cliff Hanger! Who do you think it should be? :) Let me know, and sorry it took so long to update! ~SammyBear xoxoxox)

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