Kidnapping Rachel

Mute by choice, seems weird, right? In the world of Rachel Vahn things are complicated, and broken. She's sick, and untreated. She's abused by her father. Her mom has been dead for years, and now Rachel has had enough. Things take a turn for weird when Rachel is kidnapped by the world's biggest heartthrobs, One Direction.


3. Chapter 3


As I drifted back into consciousness, last nights events flooded back to me, overwhelming me immensly. If only I had screamed, I thought to myself silently. It's not that I couldn't talk, i just chose not to. I found no reason for words if they were to be ignored. I sat up slowly, examining the room. The light was slowly seeping through the curtains, greeting the darkness with no warmth. A door caught my eye, so I got up to go investigate it. I pondered the possibility of escape as I rested my hand on the door knob.

When the room was fully exposed to me, I saw it was only the loo. I scowl at the room in disappointment. I step into the room, though I had no reason to. Suddenly, movement caught my eye, and I turned to face the intruder, to find it was only my reflection. I again scowl in disgust. I examine my pale blonde hair, that was in unruly nots, rolling down my back. I was dirty, filthy from going days without a shower. I always hated myself. I cursed the scars, stared down the sleeves of bruises, and wished death upon myself or my father.

"You're pathetic." I said in a gravely voice.

I directed my statement towards my reflection, my voice scratched my throat, unneeded words were used. I looked myself in the eye, the scene was like a car wreck, too interesting to look away, but too awful to enjoy.

I finally pulled myself away from my reflection, and retreated back to the room I had been in previously. I looked around, and caught sight of two more doors. They laughed cruelly in my face, screaming for a guessing game. I chose the door on the right, and was greeted with a long hallway. I heard the faint sounds of voices, and laughter.

I mentally through foulties at the voices, they were having fun amongst themselves, and I was being kept against my will. I decided to follow the voices. I decided, if they wanted something with me, they'd get it. I didn't care anymore.

The loud voices took me down a flight of stairs, and took me to what appeared to be a sitting room. There were five teenaged boys sitting around a table, yelling and shouting at what appeared to be eachother.

The boys stopped yelling once they caught sight of me. I froze in fear, I lied, I do care, I don't want to die, I don't want to get beatings anymore. I stood there timidly, trying to make myself smaller, less noticable.

The boy with brown hair that looked like it was meant to be a cinnoman role stood up. I shrank back even more.

"Look who decided to show up." He smirked.

I studied his face, I wanted to know more about him. I can read people like they're an open book.

This boy was insecure, he wanted so badly to be accepted. He was obsessed with making himself look the best he could. He knew he was smart, but felt other people didn't know. I nodded slightly to acknowledge his statement. He grinned slightly.

Another boy looked in my direction, he had a buzz cut, and was slightly attractive. He smiled reassuringly, though his smile conveyed no joy. His eyes told me his story. He was depressed, and scared. He always tried to be responsible for everyone else. He hated something, not himself though. No, he had confidence, he was pleased with that, but he wasn't narcissistic. I returned the smile, slightly, and turned to the next boy.

This boy had brown hair, and a striped shirt. He had an addictive tendancy. He also had trust issues, and was unsure of himself. He was happy though, he was hyper, and overexcited easily. He felt the need to make everyone happy. This boy waved at me, his eyes smiled at me, and I waved shyly, back.

The next boy had a head of thick curly hair. His green eyes bore into my pale blue ones. He had anger issues, and was narcissistic. He was flirtacious, and tough. This one just smirked and looked me up and down. I then tried to cover myself more, though I couldn't.  

I looked at the last one. He had blonde hair, like mine, and blue eyes, also like mine. He had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He put everyone elses problems before his, because he didn't want to face his own. He started to advance towards me, and I stood there, thinking if I don't run, maybe he won't have a reason to hurt me.

"I'm Niall. This is Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn." He said softly. His voice was smooth, and almost angelic.

I nodded, letting him know I understood. I was too scared to speak, I just saw their biggest flaws, and it scared me, they seemed to be good actors.

"Are you going to talk?" the curly haired boy called Harry, spoke in an agitated tone.

I jumped at the tone, it frightened me. I chose not to speak though, I had no use for words, they would be ignored and unwanted as always. But, with actions, come reactions. I chose not to speak, so Harry advanced towards me, towering over my tiny figure, and hit me. I fell to the floor, hitting my head on the corner of the wall. Black dots swam in my vision as I heard shouting. I felt someone hitting me in the stomach, causing excruciating pain to dance throughout my body, then nothing as the darkness consumed me once again.

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