Kidnapping Rachel

Mute by choice, seems weird, right? In the world of Rachel Vahn things are complicated, and broken. She's sick, and untreated. She's abused by her father. Her mom has been dead for years, and now Rachel has had enough. Things take a turn for weird when Rachel is kidnapped by the world's biggest heartthrobs, One Direction.


19. Chapter 19


Disbelief and anger coursed through my vains as we exited Rachel's hospital room. She was playing us the whole time, wasn't she? But then again, how could she fake her fire licked flesh? Whether I was angry with myself for not believing her, or angry with her for not talking to us, I wasn't sure. Maybe both reasons contributed to the anger bubbling inside me. Why would she only talk to Niall? What's so special about him? Is it because he's Irish?

"Harry, mate, are you okay?" Liam says, his words taking place of my thoughts. I let my eyes meet his and plastered a small smile on my face. I nod curtly in response to his question. Liam's face held concern. His eyes linger on my face, searching for some sort of answer to my lie.

"Good." He says quickly, turning around to continue the journey back to our car.

I follow after Liam and get into the car behind my bandmates. The ride back to the house was awkwardly silent. None of us knew the correct reaction to the horrors of Rachel's condition. I suppose it couldn't be faked, maybe I had overestimated her abilities, and underestimated her as a person. When the car came to a stop in front of the house, I got out of the car and dismissively walked in the opposite direction.

"Harry, where are you off to?" A concerned voice traveled towards me. I turn to see Louis's blue eyes sparkle with worry.

"I need some fresh air." I respond truthfully. He nodded and entered the house without another word.

And with that, I was walking blindly to an unknown location as I tried to run from my thoughts.


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