Kidnapping Rachel

Mute by choice, seems weird, right? In the world of Rachel Vahn things are complicated, and broken. She's sick, and untreated. She's abused by her father. Her mom has been dead for years, and now Rachel has had enough. Things take a turn for weird when Rachel is kidnapped by the world's biggest heartthrobs, One Direction.


17. Chapter 17


Niall handed me my cup of water and sat at the foot of the bed. I nodded my thanks and gulped the water down once again, The liquid chilling my throat. I set the half-empty cup in my lap and stared into it, as if I could see something.

"Quite a quick recovery, huh Rachel?" Harry asked.

I nodded my head, I'm not going to talk to him, he isn't worth my words. Even if he was, I wouldn't even know what to say.

"I see your bruises are going away. Scars are still there, where'd you learn to do make-up like that?" He asked yet another question.

I looked at him with confusion. I'm not sure what he's trying to get at, here.

"Harry, that's enough, just leave the poor girl alone." Niall said slowly.

"No, it's just a question. I'm genuinly curious. How'd you learn to make such realistic scars?" He said, a smirk playing at his lips.

I started to stare at my cup once again. Unwillingly, my eyes fell to the horrid scars that rested peacefully on my arms. I lay back against the bed, trying to push the tears back that heavily fought me to come out.

"Rachel, are you okay?" Niall's voice drifted from the end of the bed.

I shook my head 'no' , and continued to fight the tears. These scars, they hold memories. They hold emotions, most of them hatred. These scars, they burn me.

"C'mon, Rachel... Tell us the truth, stop playing games." Harry said, slightly agitated.

I sigh, anger starts to bubble in me, which says something. I never get angry. All those beatings from my father, the hatred he used against me. Angry nothing's that he'd yell at me, and I never got angry. Not once did I get angry.

"Harry, she's not faking it. Just leave her alone, will you?" Niall defended me, he too looked agitated.

"How do you know?" Harry yelled.

I flinched at the volume of his voice. Anger dripped from every word that he handed to Niall. I continued to stare at the ceiling. I felt the bed shift as Niall moved closer. I looked at him, his hand hovering above the cloth covering my stomach. he looked as though he was begging for permission. For some reason, I nodded, granting him access to my newest wound.

Once he lift up the gown, exposing my stomach, gasps erupted throughout the room. I looked around, everyone's expresions were full of shock and horror as they gazed at the fire-bitten flesh.


(A/N: Hey guys! I hope you all had good weekends. So how are you liking this so far? Sorry for the short chapter, I started to run out of ideas. Anyways, I love you all! Bye! xoxoxox ~ SammyBear

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