Kidnapping Rachel

Mute by choice, seems weird, right? In the world of Rachel Vahn things are complicated, and broken. She's sick, and untreated. She's abused by her father. Her mom has been dead for years, and now Rachel has had enough. Things take a turn for weird when Rachel is kidnapped by the world's biggest heartthrobs, One Direction.


15. Chapter 15


Just as I was about to ask what Niall meant, when a man in a white coat burst through the door.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Lee, I have your name listed here as 'Rachel', is that correct?" He asked quickly.

I nod my head in confirmation, and study the man.

"May I ask how you got those scars? I'm very concerned about the blisters on your stomach, aswell, ma'am." He said carefully.

"What blisters?" Niall asked, his eyes widening in fear.

I lift the gown slightly, revealing the punishment I had recieved the night I ran away. I still remember the way the crowbar had glowed, so angry. My stomach had red, swollen, bubbled flesh decorating it. My eyes blurred with tears. I heard Niall gasp, shocked at the extent of it. They don't hurt anymore. Just another battle scar to contribute to numbness consuming me.

"Ma'am, please answer the question, who did this to you?" Doctor Lee asked again.

"My father." I whispered, barely audible.

A tear slipped weakly from my eye, traveling sorrowfully down my cheeks.

"Oh my God." Niall said under his breath.

More tears ecscaped as I saw Nialls expression. A mixture of shock, sorrow, and horror distorted his beautiful face.

"What's your father's name, miss?" The doctor asked.

"Steven Allen Vahn." I said, a shiver danced on my spine at his name.

The doctor nodded, writing it down, and headed out the door without another word. I looked at the ceiling, not daring to look at Niall's face. Silence swam in the air, refusing to be broken by either one of us, untill Niall felt the need to force his way through it.

"Did you run away from him? Is that why you were in the park?" Niall asked, though I knew that he was fully aware of the answer.

All I did was nod. I didn't have anything to say, there was nothing to say.

"I'll keep you safe, Rachel, I promise. I won't-" I cut him off.

"Why did you take me? Why me?" I asked slowly.

"I rescued you." He said simply.

"Yes, but why? Why did you care? I'm broken, Niall, can't you see that?" I asked, tears formed a river down my face, as I know looked him in the eyes.

"Because I love you, okay? I love you. I don't know why, or how, but I know that I do." He said, tears coming from his eyes.

He looked me in the eyes, and lifted his hand to my face. I flinched, but I realized he isn't my father.

"I wish I could say the same... But I don't know what love is, or how to love." I said honestly.

Niall smiled softly, and glanced at my lips.

"I can change that." He said before leaning in closely.

Before I knew it, his lips were pressed against mine, and the whole world fell away.


(A/N: Hey guys! I'm so thankful for all of the favorites and likes. I went back and changed the beginning a little for those of you who had already read it. And for you new readers, thanks for reading! I love you all! Comment, Like, and Favorite, it'd mean a lot to me, thanks! xoxoxox ~ SammyBear)


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