Remember Us

To Eve shes just been shopping with her mum, and its nearly her 18th. But really shes 19 and has been secretly dating Harry Styles for a year, she cant remember it though. Nothing. Nada. Everything seems a blur to Eve, she wants to remember Harry but now that the truth is about about their relationships things have got awkward between Harry and the group and the paparazzi have found out too.


1. Waking Up

I squint up at the white ceiling above me. I hear a slow beat coming from my right, my alarm? I reach my arm out to turn it off, but my arm stops.
"Huh?" My mouth feels stuck, I feel over my mouth to find a tube stuck to my mouth. I pull it off and look down at my right arm where a patch connected to a wire is stuck on. A device is stuck on the end of my index finger, I wiggle it up and down, at least that works. The beeping noise carries on, I realise what it is now though; a heart beat monitor. I frown round at the room.
"I'm in a hospital," I whisper.
I watch as a man in a white coat walks past my window, I wave but he doesn't see me. I lift up my cover using my hand, my other hand as three of my fingers stuck together with tape. I try to move them and pain shoots up my arm, I grit my teeth. I look past my hospital gown to my legs, where the right one is in a cast below my knee. I bend the other one, well at least this one works. I spot a tube sticking out from the left side of my stomach, I follow the tube to a bag with clear liquid in it.
'Feeding bag,' it reads.
"What in the world?"
I reach up to my head, feeling a few stitches in the middle of my forehead. My hairs still here, thank god, it feels like grease in a bowl. I wrinkle my nose as I smell my armpits.
"Why aren't I freaking out? This isn't normal, neither is speaking to myself. How did I even end up here?"
I jump as the wooden door next to the window opens, a short women with black hair in a tight bun and pink overalls walks in.
"Oh. Oh my god."
I stare as the door slams shut again and the women runs past my window, coming back with the doctor I saw earlier.
"She's awake?" I hear him ask, outside the door. He walks in with a flabbergasted look on his face, he runs a hand through his brown hair. His red, chubby cheeks shake as he nods to himself. I stay in my bed, just staring blankly.
"I'm Dr. Carter. How long have you been awake?" His deep voice asks.
I shrug, "not long."
He nods again, walking in front of my bed to take my notes.
"What happened to me?" I ask, curious.
"You were in a car accident, a very serious car accident. You've been in a coma for three weeks now."
I don't say anything, just bite my lip to stop myself from crying.
He walks over, taking a little device from his chest pocket.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm just checking your pupils," he pulls open my eyes shining a light into it. I squint, moving my head side to side. He sighs, pulling back.
"I need to go inform your mother that your awake, she's been staying in a hotel across the road."
"Is she okay? She wasn't in the car accident with me?"
He pauses at the door. "You don't remember the accident?"
I shake my head. "My last memory is shopping in hollister with mum."
Dr. Carter stares at me for a second then he rushes out the door, I watch as his coat flaps behind him like a superhero cape. I slump against the pillow, sighing. My eyes close slowly, the beeping noise soothing me.

"Oh my darling! My poor, poor baby!"
I open one eye, my mum stands there with dark circles under her eyes, the clothes she's wearing hands off her once fuller figure. She rushes over to be, pulling me into a big hug. I run my fingers through the bottom of her shiny, honey hair.
"I've missed you, Eve." She kisses my forehead.
"Where's dad?" I ask, looking round.
She pauses, I see her eyes turn watery.
"Oh, Eve, you don't remember. Dad died almost a year ago?"
My heart squeezes tight in my chest. No. No, no, no! The tears stream down my face, and I pull my mum in for another hug. We hug each other tightly before a cough from the door interrupts us. I look up, a boy with curly hair that sweeps to the right side of his head, his green eyes sparkle at me and he licks his cherry lips nervously. He hobbles over, the same leg as mine in a cast.
"Oh, Evie." He whispers, a flutter forms in my stomach but I don't know why.
"Who are you?"
His eyebrows draw together and the side of his lips droop downward.
"You don't remember me?" He asks, his voice breaks at the 'me' and somewhere deep down in my heart a little voice is telling me to give him a hug but I don't.
I shake my head at him. "I'm Eve," I say, holding out my hand. He stares at it, then shakes his head turning around and running out the room. I watch as he runs past the window, "was he crying?" I ask mum, she nods at me.
"Why?" She sighs, placing a hand to a temple and rubbing.
"He's called Harry." She pauses, waiting to see if I recall him but I don't. "Harry Styles?" I shake my head."Never met him before in my life. He seems nice though."
"He is," her blue eyes find my green ones. Like dads, I think making my stomach tighten.
"He was your boyfriend," she says. I snort. "Yeah right, he's too hot."
She shoots me a small smile. "That's what you said when he told you he loved you."
I frown.
"That boy, Harry, loves me?" I ask. She nods, "a lot," she adds.
"He's in a band called One Direction."
"That sounds familiar."
"Good, it's a start." She rests her head back on the chair next to my bed.
"What's your last memory?"
"Going to Hollister with you."
"That was for your 18th birthday; your 19 now."
I frown. "You been I ant remember a whole year." She nods.
"Just after your 18th, dad died then you met Harry."
I close my eyes. "This is so hard to take in," I whisper.
"I know, honey, but you'll get through it."
"I want to speak with Dr. Carter," I hear the door open and close as she leaves to get him. I clutch the duvet with my good hand, squeezing hard, until I feel nothing anymore.
"You wanted to see me Miss Moss."
I nod. "When will I get my memory back?"
He scratches his chin. "It's very hard to determine, you may never get your memory back or it'll come in it's own time."
"I need to see Harry."
"Okay, he's the room next to you. Shall I get a nurse to escort you with a wheelchair."
"No, just some crutches please."
He nods, returning quickly with a pair of crutches for me. I sit up in bed, my head spins. I feel my mum's frail Han on my back, soothing me. I peel off the duvet, sliding the cast off the bed and onto the floor. I stand up, waiting a few seconds for the dizziness to wear off then make my way over to Dr. Carter.
"How bad is my leg?"
"There's a fracture in your foot where the car crashed at the front, should take maybe a month or so to heal. Your leg, well, it's a lot like Harry's; only a slight break. Should be around two months and you've already had it for three weeks."
He pauses and looks at my arm.
"You've only broken a three fingers, they should take around a few weeks to heal."
"I'll be alright though?"
He opens the door for me and I hop through, getting the hang of the crutches.
"You want me to come with you?" My mum asks, I shake my head no.
"I've gotta do this on my own, I'll be ten minutes."
I take a deep breath and make my way to his hospital room, I give the door three short knocks.
"Come in," I hear a croaky voice say.
I push the door, Harry looks up from his phone confusion written all over his handsome face.
"W-what are you doing here?"
I walk over to the armchair next to his bed and sit down, resting the crutches on the side.
"I need answers. About us."
He sits up in his bed and stares at me.
"What do you wanna know?"
"Let's start with how did we meet?"
He smiles slightly, but I can see his eyes are still a bit red.
"You, er, saved me from a sniper."
"No way! How?"
"Well you were working at the hotel me and the lads were staying in," he notices my confused expression. "My band members?" Well I was more confused about the fact I'd been working in a hotel, but never mind.
"Oh yeah, sorry, carry on."
"And normally you cleaned the floor above me, but Diana wasn't in that day so you did mine. I was still asleep when you came in, so you went to clean the bathroom. I guess that when you came back you must've seen the sniper through the window, so you rolled me off the bed and onto the floor with you on top."
I laugh, "sorry."
"Oh no don't be sorry, I forgot the pain when I realised a beautiful girl was on top of me while I was naked. Except you kinda jumped off quickly when the gun went off and called your manager."
I cover my eyes laughing, "that's how we met then?"
He nods, his eyes watching my face.
"Have I got something on my face?"
He looks down, shaking his head.
I want to ask more about how we got together but he seems so sad.
"Hey?" I whisper, he looks up.
"Your in a band right?" He nods.
"Sing me one of their songs." He hesitates.
"Please?" I pout. "Might help me remember?" He nods.

"Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me,
But bear this in mind, it was meant to be,
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks,
And it all makes sense to me."
He looks up to me and I smile encouragingly. He starts to sing again, making my heart warm.
"I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, you've never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but I'll love them endlessly."
His green orbs find mine and he gives me a weak smile, "any memories?"
I shake my head making his smile disappear. "I love it though."
"You say-"
"Harry! Oh so she finally woke up"
I look at the door to find a boy in red jeans and a stripy black and white top. His brown hair spikes up a bit and his blue eyes glare at Harry.
He looks at me with disgust, shaking his head.
"Excuse me, can we help?"
He scoffs. "This the girl you've been keeping a secret from us?"
I'm confused but Harry nods.
"We are meant to tell each other everything, and you've been keeping your girlfriend a secret from us for a year!"
"I think I'll go."
The boy pins me with a look. "Your not going anywhere. This-" he motions at Harry's leg. "Is all your fault."
"That's not fair Louis! It was me who didn't want to tell you guys about us. And I was the one driving the car, so shut up."
Louis looks over at me again, he seems to have calmed down.
"Is that true?"
"I-I don't know."
"Louis-" Harry starts but Louis ignores him.
"What do you mean; you don't know?! You are his girlfriends right?"
I feel my eyes going watery as I shrug at him.
"Louis, Eve can't remember anything about the past year she's been with me." Harry explains.
"Oh, I'm so sorry." He says, looking at Harry. I roll my eyes, grabbing my crutches and standing up.
"Where are you going?" Asks Harry.
"To my room, I'll come back, um, later maybe."
I hobble out off the room, only to bump into a muscular back. I steady myself by leaning against the door, "uh, excuse me?" The guy turns round, he has blonde hair and black ray ban sunglasses.
"You a bodyguard?" I ask, confused that he's just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
He laughs, "something like that."
He has an Irish accent, cool, he slides his glasses down his noise looking me up and down with his deep blue eyes. They turn cold suddenly and I shiver.
"Your Harry's girl aren't you?"
I don't know why to do so I nod slightly, he glares at me.
"Thanks a lot," he huffs at me. I push past his making my way to his room, when I look back two other boys have joined him all glaring at me.
"Mum," I wimped as I get in. She comes over and holds me, gently nursing me back into bed.
"What happened?" She asks, once I'm settled.
"All his friends showed up and they hate me."
"How can they hate you? They don't know you."
"Exactly, apparently me and Harry never told them about us."
She's quiet and I look over to her, she's at the door now.
"I'll be back." I watch as she walks past my window.
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