Jessie is a 17 year old boy with an issue that everyone forgets. Jessie knows Hunger like he knows no other. He loves Hunger, and he's pretty sure Hunger loves him. Jessie doesn't remember what it's like to have a full meal, or a full stomach. Will someone realize their friendship before its too late?


8. Somehow

Somehow, she follows me outside to my car and I didn't notice, nor do I care.

Somehow, we manage to find words outside of my car and are able to talk about things other than homework and the weather.

Somehow, I am able to make her laugh with really cheesy jokes.

Somehow, I am able to lean in and kiss her and she doesn't mind.

Somehow, we get into the backseat and she still lets me kiss her.

Somehow, her tongue slips into my mouth and it doesn't taste like caramel calories.

Somehow, her shirt comes off just enough for me to catch a sight of her boobs.

Somehow, she slides her hands in my pants and I don't mind.

Somehow, I slide my hands into her.

Somehow, I don't find a lovely little glory hole overflowing with wetness.

Somehow, I find a hard on that is as hard as mine.

Somehow, I am able to stop kissing her, excuse myself from the situation, and drive away.

Somehow, I am able to drive all the way home without vomiting.

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