Jessie is a 17 year old boy with an issue that everyone forgets. Jessie knows Hunger like he knows no other. He loves Hunger, and he's pretty sure Hunger loves him. Jessie doesn't remember what it's like to have a full meal, or a full stomach. Will someone realize their friendship before its too late?


1. I Suffer Too

Everyone forgets that boys can have eating disorders too, and that pisses me off.

No one says a thing when a boy doesn't eat much.

No one expects me to not eat for three days.

But I can't eat for another day at least. I've only lost a pound in three days.


Current Weight: 131.5 lbs

Current BMI: 20.3

Total Weight Lost: 26.5 lbs


I want to eat.

I don't want to eat.

I have to eat.

I don't need to eat.

I won't eat.


Hunger won't let me even eat a cucumber slice, but I'm okay with that. Hunger knows best. Hunger is the reason I'm not as fat anymore.

Don't lie to yourself. You know you're still fat,

I know Hunger. I'm sorry. You know what's best. I won't eat today. Or tomorrow. Or, if I have it my way, never again.

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