Jessie is a 17 year old boy with an issue that everyone forgets. Jessie knows Hunger like he knows no other. He loves Hunger, and he's pretty sure Hunger loves him. Jessie doesn't remember what it's like to have a full meal, or a full stomach. Will someone realize their friendship before its too late?


6. Emerald Eyes

Her name is Emerald.

Her eyes are Emerald.

And so is her shirt today.

She is a gem that girls want on their rings.

She's the color of grass in spring, when everything is blooming and alive.

She is beautiful.

And she's talking to Shawn.

My senior brother, who would be leaving her in a few months for Florida State.

My senior brother. The one who has broken so many hearts.

My senior brother, whose envy is as green as her eyes.

I watch her closer today. She bites her lip when she's nervous.

Which is often.

I wonder what she's nervous about?

Maybe it's just something she does. I'm too afraid to ask her.

Hell, if the teacher hadn't of called on Emerald, I wouldn't even know her name.

She thinks you're fat.

I know Hunger. I know.

After class, I rush out the door and to my locker so I can get to my car before she does. I'm leaning against my car, trying to act cool when she shows up.

"Hey! So, um." Words fail me. "I, uhm, uhh..."

Emerald just gets in her car and drives away, leaving me with Hunger, a broken heart, and a car that's in need of a wash.

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