Captivated Hearts Compilation

RANDOM One Shots about One Direction.


1. Another World



"I'm sick of this," I gushed.

"But we can make things better," Harry assured.

"But I'm tired. I'm sick of going in circles. Everything will change once you become famous," I blurted. I'm making him want to leave me so his career would rise. I'm just his distraction in achieving his dreams.

"It won't," he argued.

"Why do you keep on doing that? I'm sick of you. You always look at girls whenever I'm around. You're a player and I'm not a game. Why can't you face the fact that this is reality and we're not living in another world?" I yelled.

"It's over, isn't it?" he whispered. I can see disappointment in his eyes.

"Yes," I said.


With those words, I left. Where am I going? Harry will surely leave now for London. His flight is today.


Why did I break up with him? He is my everything. He's my weakness. He takes me to another world that relieves all the stress I feel.



After 2 years...


I'm Kayelyn Stroem. 17 years of age. I broke Harry Styles' heart because that's what's right. He's now really famous. Concert here, interview there, show here, meet and greet there.


Me? How is Kaye? I'm a wreck at its finest. I regretted the moment when I broke up with him. Here I am in rehab. Lost my mind. He is the very reason why I decided to live. I was about to suicide then but he stopped me and made me fall for him. I did because I'm stupid.


Now, I'm here in rehab because I cut the skin in my wrist. I can't take it. They don't know that their words cut like knives and every time they brought me down. I lost half full bucket. I was unconcious for 5 weeks and now, I'm recovering and learning in rehab. I learned that life doesn't end after one misery so we need to stand up and go on.


"Kayelyn," Jamie called. She owns this rehab.

"What's up?" I asked.

"You are free to go," she informed.

"For real?" I squealed.

"Yes. You start a new beginning," she warned.

"Yes, Ms. Vera," I said.

"Here are concert tickets. They were given by your parents. It is a gift for your freedom," she stated.

"Of course, I'll go," I squealed.

"Good. These are One Direction tickets," she added.


She lead me out. Oh no! I'm not prepared. It's just concert tickets. It isn't like they're VIP tickets. Your just gonna watch. That's all. No added details. He doesn't have to see me.



I'm preparing for the concert. I'm wearing a shirt that says 'We are Never Ever Getting Back Together', shorts, cardigan, sneakers, my Eiffel Tower pendant, a baller/bracelet that says 'Keep Calm and Always Sparkle'. I have light make-up. My hair is curled and into a loose ponytail. I have my purse that has my phone, water, tissue, perfume, tickets, pocket money, some candy, and keys.




THIS IS IT! I have arrived at the arena. I showed the dudes my ticket and it turns out I have the Ultimate VIP experience. That's creepy.


They lead, I follow. I haven't moved on. Not a bit. They made me sit in a couch in a room with clothes. Dressing room, ah.


The door knob twisted and the people entered. Oh my Fudge!!! It's them. Freak bro. They're hot! Oh my Freaking Shit!!!! Harry isn't there but still One Freaking Direction is here.


"You must be the Ultimate VIP girl," blonde inquired.

"Ultimate VIP what?" I asked.

"The girl who bought the VIP tickets," birthmark added.

"Oh. I didn't buy these. Ms. Vera said it was from my parents but when I asked them they said that they didn't buy it," I stated.


"Yeah. She blew it off," Harry laughed.

"Like boom boom," a girl sang.


They entered the room. Harry froze and the girl skeptically looked at him.


"Lads, this is Veronica. The VIP winner," Harry stated.

"Hi!" she shyly said. The boys smiled at her.


We settled on a couch. Black haired, blonde, me, birthmark, stripes, veronica, and Harry.


"I honestly don't know your names. Can you please introduce yourselves?" I asked.






"Harry," he bitterly said. He looked at me and I did that. You could actually feel the bitterness, anger, and sorrow.

"You can actually feel the awkwardness," Veronica stated.

"Might want to introduce yourself, pretty," Niall pointed out.

"I'm Kayelyn Stroem. I'm Ha-." I was cut off by Harry. "Veronica, can you please leave. We need to prepare."

"Kayelyn, let's go," Veronica said.

"She'll just be catching up. She has Ultimate VIP ticket," Harry said.


Veronica left.


"What's up Styles?" I bitterly said.

"Can we talk in private?" he asked.

"Who is she?" Louis asked.

"She's Kayelyn..." he trailed off.

"And?" Louis asked.

"She's my ex. The only girl that the media hasn't asked yet. I refused to tell anyone about it but now she came," he informed.

"It's not my fault that you bought me Ultimate VIP tickets and ask me to attend. I just came out yesterday," I complained.

"You shouldn't have come," he said.

"They forced me," I argued.

"I know you and you always get what you want," he argued.

"Whatever Styles! I'm not that girl anymore. You don't know what happened to me when we went separate ways," I yelled.

"You broke up with me," Harry argued.

"If you really knew me, you'd never let go of me that easy. I've been into relationships and they always let go of me. I thought you were different. Guess your not. When I left, I wanted you to chase after me but you never did. You left me in pain so scarred," I angrily said. With that, I left. I ran out of the arena and went to a park. I cried. Perfect. It's raining.


"I hate it! I hate my life! How can I just not move on? Why can't I just move on? What's with him? I just went out of rehab and this is all I'm getting? F*ck my life! I just want it all to end. Why can't that not happen?" I yelled. I continued crying. I started skipping breaths and someone carried me. I lost it. Black out.




Harry's POV


"If you really knew me, you'd never let go of me that easy. I've been into relationships and they always let go of me. I thought you were different. Guess your not. When I left, I wanted you to chase after me but you never did. You left me in pain so scarred," Kaye angrily said. She left.


I love her but how can't I see that picture? Am I not worth it enough? Was I blinded by the fame, the attention, the money, and the paparazzi? I knew her but I was shallow minded when we went separate ways. Ugh!


I punched the wall and it made hole.


"Harry?!" Niall said.

"The wall didn't do anything to you," Zayn said.

"The management will go mad. Thanks Harry!" Liam sarcastically said.

"Harry," Louis calmly said.

"What?! You're going to tell me I shouldn't punched the wall?!" I yelled at frustation.

"No. You know I wo-" I cut him off yelling, "But you're going to!"

"Harry! Listen to me! If you don't chase her this moment, you're going to lose her forever. Don't let that happen to you," Louis advised. He's right. I aimed for the door and was about to run but Niall spoke.

"Her shirt says We are Never Ever Getting Back."

"That's just a shirt, Niall," Zayn complained.

"Here's Nandos. Please yourself," Liam said.

"Thanks Liam," Niall cheered.

"What are you still doing here Styles? Chase her and let her know what you feel because telling us those gave us goosebumps," Liam admitted.


I ran out of the arena and figured she'll be in the park.


She's there. In the pouring rain. Crying and breathes hard?


I ran to her and the next thing I knew is she blacked out.


I went to the hospital with the help of the kind cab driver who didn't charge me but definitely asked to kiss me. Instead of kissing him, I paid him 3000 euros. That's the only change I have.




She's laying there. So beautiful, so sweet, so fragile. How could I have not seen it? She wanted me but she let me go because of popularity. She knew I wouldn't leave her but she left me. She loved me. She loves me. But I gave her my selfishness when I saw her after 2 years.


I can't help but cry. After 30 minutes of crying, I checked my phone.


From: Louis

What happened?;)


From: Niall

I'm sorry for telling that she will never ever get back with you. What happened? Are you now together?


From: Liam

You're dead. We're on in about 15 minutes.


Oh, yeah. The concert.


To: Liam

Tell them that something came up. I can't perform tonight. I'm so screwed up. Tell the lads that I'm in the hospital. Kaye is in a coma.



Jane came in. She's Kaye's mother.


I weakly smiled at her.


"How is she?" she asked.

"She's in a coma," I blurted.

"Not again," she whined.

"Not again?" I asked politely.

"Oh. Yeah. Kayelyn was in a coma for 5 weeks when she lost half of the bucket of her blood. She was sent in rehab after recovering. She just went out yesterday. Now, she's back again in the hospital," she cried.


What have I done? She's too precious to hurt and too fragile to break. If only I could turn back time, I would have never left her.


"What happened?" she asked.

"She.. I can''s too....," I stammered before I managed to hold my tears back.

"It's gonna be okay, Harry. She's gonna wake up," Jane comforted. She held my hand and smiled at me. For a minute, I felt sparks fly.





It was after a week when Kaye was hospitalized. She's still in a coma.


"When will she wake up?" I asked.

"We just have to wait," the doctor replied.


I can no longer wait. I've let her go easily and I never chased her again. Ugh!



Kaye's POV


I'm in a coma again. Like before. I want to wake up but I can't.


"Hello," a soul said to me.

"Hi. I'm Kaye," I said.

"I'm Hannah," she introduced.

"Where am I? Why can't I wake up?" I asked.

"You're still in the hospital. Why'd you want to wake up anyways?"

"Because.... My mom is waiting for me too," I stammered.

"Oh really?" she teased.

"Yes," I lied.

"Wouldn't you want to wake up because you want to live life?"

"Yes. I do want to live," I blurted.

"That's all?" she asked.

"Are you telling me that I wanted to wake up for a boy?"

"Yes," she smiled at me.

"Wait! Don't leave me," I yelled.

"I never left you," she inquired.


"I'm always beside you," she came back.

"Can I tell you something?"


"The reason I want to wake up is because of this guy named Harry. We broke up and when I went to see him after 2 bitter years, he acted like we never were. I was hurt. I'm still hurting. I just want to move on. I waited for him for those 2 damn years but he left me waiting in the cold. I was in a coma before for 5 weeks. He bought me VIP ticket and asked me to come. I did come but after we talked, he acted like a baffoon. I hate him! He doesn't deserve me," I blurted. A tear managed to escape my tears.

"You hate him?" Hannah asked.

"Yes. I can't explain my hate to him," I angrily said.

"So, why did you went to see him after all those years and had a coma because of him?"

"I don't know," I stammered.

"If you really hate him then you shouldn't have went in the first place. You wanted him to chase after you. You wanted him to wait for you. But he never did. You also wanted to tell him I missed you when you reunited but he pushed you away. He acted like a fool because he's life was messed up. When you saw that he has a girl, you wanted to leave but Harry was the one who let the girl leave. He wanted to send you all those messages but management wouldn't let him. He wanted to come see you but Anne ordered not to. Anne knew how you are doing and she made the decision for both of you. The two of you never broke the rule. You only broke the destined love. Also, you wanted Harry to chase you after you broke up but he never did. He wanted to but he can't. You thought that you weren't Harry's dream. You are his dream. Love was second on the list. Career was third on the list. The first was for his family. Harry thought of you every single day. Didn't you know that his career went boom with a brokenheart? Didn't you know that the reason he tried dating girls was to forget you? But none succeeded. You were still the one. He has that picture of you and sings to it for good luck in performances. I know you were a wreck but he was destroyed that he couldn't do anything to be with you," Hannah informed.

"How do you know all of this?" I asked.

"It's not important. If you don't wake up this second, you're gonna lose him forever," Hannah inquired.


I just did what she told me. I felt my body again and slowly opened my eyes.



Nurses and a doctor was surrounding me. They cheered that I woke up which made me smile.


"Can I ask you a favor, Marissa?" I asked.

"Of course."





The lads and I are waiting for Kayelyn to wake up. Harry finally told us everything.


The doctor just went out of Kaye's room. She has this sad aura. Is Kayelyn dead?


"Are you Ms. Stroem's relatives?" the doctor asked.

"Friends," Liam answered.

"Does she have relatives here?" the doctor asked.

"They went out to rest for a while," I said.

"I guess I'll tell you then. The patient is........" she trailed off.


We waited for what she was going to say.


"I'm afraid we did everything but none of them worked," the doctor said. We all looked down shattered by this news.


"I'm sorry but I can't do this. Ms. Stroem just woke up and is fine. She personally asked me to inform this dramatically to you," the doctor blurted.


We all rushed to her room to find a beautiful Kayelyn sitting on the bed looking at us.


"So we're just going to stare each other?" Kayelyn broke the ice.


I dashed to hug her. She hugged me back. It felt like I've known her for years. What Harry said was true. Kayelyn is the type of girl that when she smiles at you it feels like you knew her to pieces though you've just met her. I won't steal her though. Harry has suffered enough.


The lads followed me and well we're now in a group hug.


"Can I talk to you in private?" Harry spoke.

"No. I know what you'll tell me," Kaye said.


What?! She know that Harry wants her back?


"I know what you've been through and can we just move on?" Kaye added.






How did she know?



"Of course. Can we..?" I trailed off. Words can't come out.

"Harry, I know that we didn't have that perfect relationship but I just want to say I mourned my heart for 2 years. I was in a coma before I went to see you. I was in a coma for 5 weeks. The ticket was given to me after rehab. I went to see how you are doing. Not to get back with you," she said. That made me sad. She doesn't want me back.

"When I was in a coma, there was this girl she told me what you've been through. I thought it twice and realized some things. I was blinded by love and this accident opened my eyes. I will move on," she added.

"We hadn't have a proper break-up since I never wanted to break us. I'm sorry that I didn't fight for our love. I'm sorry that I'm not that guy that you've dreamed of. I'm sorry if I let you leave not realizing what you're trying to do. I can't afford to lose you again. Can we try one more time and make it all better?" I finally said it. She smiled at me and said, "Thought you'd never ask."


She wants me back. I'm so happy I kissed her passionately for some time while infront of the guys.


"You know you're the only guy that's ever put me first, mourned for me, and the only guy who takes me to another world," she blurted.

"I know and you love me," I cheekily said.


Well, we're back to normal.


"You do guys realize that we're here," Zayn said.

"Like you didn't enjoy the show," I teased.


We all laughed. I'm happy to be back with Kaye.


~The End


Hope you liked it! Any feedback would be appreciated. (I first uploaded this on Wattpad.)

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