The Sad Twisted Story of a broken girl

this is a story about a girl . a broken girl whos life is full of love , betrayal , hurt and scars


1. The beginning of the end

There was once a girl . She wasn't pretty or skinny like the rest her bleak brown hair tied back in a neat pony tail . She wore clothes that made her feel comfortable so she was left out from the crowd . People thought she wasn't normal . They began to bully her not taking into consideration the pain she was going through at home . This girls name was Lucy , and this is HER story .


'Ugly cow' Lucy read aloud from her Facebook page . A small tear formed in Lucy's hazel eyes and she tried her best to hold it back . She knew the rest of the day would be filled with worse comments . She was only 11 but this type of thing had been going on so long in her life she considered it normal . As a child she had been brought up in a rough family a mother and step-father with drinking and drug problems and a father who left before she was born . She felt so unloved and so alone at home at school . Everywhere . She didnt know what to do anymore and felt like no-one cared . Lucy shut her laptop and ran off to school . Ignoring the shouts of 'fat', 'freak' and 'bitch'  behind her


                               One Year Later ...


Lucy smiled as she put on her brand new uniform and shoes that day . No more bullying she thought , it was her first day at secondary . No-one from her primary had gone to the same one . As she left the front door she saw a girl with her uniform on she ran to her and introduced herself . The girl took one look at Lucy's plain trousers and 'it'll last 2 years if its a little too big' blazer and spat out "ew , what even are you ?" and with that took off . Lucy felt hurt but didnt complain and walked off to school on her own .





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