Doubled (A One Direction Fanfiction)

Will Hicks; a 19 year old Irish guy who lives by the moto "YOLO". Living life to the fullest, he gets drunk every night and wakes up a different girl each morning.

One Direction; a world-wide famous boyband who have stolen the hearts of teenage girls from all across the globe without even trying.

They're both pretty different, right?


Driving home from their MSG Performance, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson though that life was perfect. Well.. that was until they almost died.

When a car hits their limousine, Niall Horan gets severely injured. He finally wakes up from a 2 week coma, only to have temporary memory-loss. Simon Cowell needs to replace Niall. Quickly.

It just so happens that Will looks exactly like Niall Horan. When Simon spots him stumbling drunkly out of a club in Ireland, he knew that he had found the right guy.

How did Will Hicks, your average Irish guy, end up faking to be an international pop star?


3. Drunk

Will Hicks had had too much alcohol. By a lot. Muttering slurred words under his breath, he gave a random blonde with a skin tight, black dress on a sloppy kiss on the mouth before stumbling out of the over-crowded club.


Oh!” Will yelled in surprise as the concrete footpath met his face. His intoxicated body couldn’t even keep him standing up properly.


His vision was blurred as he watched the lights from the club glow in the dark sky. He didn’t know what time it was, or how he’d get back home, but his drunken mind didn’t care.


Taking another swig of the vodka bottle in his hand, he rested his head on the brick wall behind him.


“Excuse me?”


A man’s deep voice interrupted his peacefulness. Looking up, Will let out a snort. With short brown and grey hair and a hard jaw line, he looked like he was in his forties or fifties.


“Piss off, old man. I’m busy. Can’t you see?”


Giggling slightly at his own words, Will went back to drinking his vodka. The man still didn’t move. He seemed to be staring intently at Will’s face.


“Look, dude. Whaddya’ want? You gay or something?”


The stranger was still standing there. What the fuck was his problem!? Anger started boiling up inside Will’s body. All the alcohol he’d consumed didn’t help either.


Cursing randomly, he struggled to his feet. Raising his hands in clenched fists, he went for a punch at the strangers jaw line. In his wobbly state, he only managed to make contact with the man’s shoulder.


Pretending to not notice the punch, the guy glared at Will. “Look, mate. My name is Simon Cowell. Have you ever heard of me?”


Something went off in Will’s brain. He’d heard that name somewhere. “You’re famous... I know you” Will managed to say loudly before passing out on the cold concrete floor.




Sorry this is really short, it’s just a fill in chapter. I’ll get the next one up quicker and it’ll hopefully be longer! Please vote, fan and tell me what you think… or whatever floats your boat. Thanks heaps for reading! <3




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