Doubled (A One Direction Fanfiction)

Will Hicks; a 19 year old Irish guy who lives by the moto "YOLO". Living life to the fullest, he gets drunk every night and wakes up a different girl each morning.

One Direction; a world-wide famous boyband who have stolen the hearts of teenage girls from all across the globe without even trying.

They're both pretty different, right?


Driving home from their MSG Performance, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson though that life was perfect. Well.. that was until they almost died.

When a car hits their limousine, Niall Horan gets severely injured. He finally wakes up from a 2 week coma, only to have temporary memory-loss. Simon Cowell needs to replace Niall. Quickly.

It just so happens that Will looks exactly like Niall Horan. When Simon spots him stumbling drunkly out of a club in Ireland, he knew that he had found the right guy.

How did Will Hicks, your average Irish guy, end up faking to be an international pop star?


1. Too Good To Be True

Sliding into the seats of the luxurious black limousine, the boys of One Direction let out a sigh. “That was...” Liam Payne muttered, unable to find a suitable word to finish the sentence. Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Niall Horan just nodded. They knew what he meant. Performing at the Madison Square Garden had been amazing.

* “You don’t know (oh, oh!)
You don’t know you’re beautiful (oh, oh!)
That’s what makes you beautiful!”

As Harry sung the last words of the final song, fans screamed and cried hysterically. Grinning widely at the huge crowd, One Direction took a bow and shared a hug. Hearts thumping madly and breathing uneven, Zayn, Liam, Harry, Louis and Niall walked towards the platform that would take them underneath the stage. One thought was going through each of their minds.
“Wow.” *

They all were slung over the back seats of the sleek car. The adrenaline from the lights, crowd and simply performing had left their bodies. Still no words were spoken.

Zayn had closed his eyes, replaying the whole night in his head. A smile was bought to his lips as he remembered the words being yelled at him by the fans. They were a dirty bunch tonight.

Looking out the window at the passing street lights, Harry found himself thinking about his life. From being on X-Factor to performing at one of the world’s most famous arenas in such a short time was... mind blowing. He couldn’t do it without the help of the four boys next to him. They were his best friends. His brothers.

Louis was in a dream-like daze. This had been their best performance by a lot. Hearing the crowd singing along to their voices was like a drug to him. He couldn’t get enough.

Resting his head on his hands, Liam sang quietly under his breath. Even though his throat was aching and his ears still ringing, he wanted to keep singing to their fans. Seeing the smiles light up on all the girls, and sometimes boys, faces instantly makes him feel like he was on cloud nine.

Niall was happily munching on a bag of chicken flavoured chips while humming along to the radio. The night had been amazing, but the small snacks in between each song were in tiny portions, leaving his stomach grumbling. Reaching for a second bag of the salty snack, he heard a screeching noise.

Their heads snapped up to the tinted windows.

“What the hell?” Harry said, as a dark vehicle began skidding on the busy road.

The smell of burnt rubber filled the air as the car continued to swerve out of control. It was coming closer to them, barely 5 metres away. Panicked, Liam yelled out.

“It’s going to hi-”

His words were cut off as the out-of-control car hit theirs. The sudden sound of metal crashing against metal had stopped all the drivers on the road. The boys of One Direction were thrown harshly against the door, Niall hitting the window. Shattered glass showered over their bloody and bruised bodies.

Unconscious and piled on top of each other, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis bled onto the now ruined carpet of the limousine.

Niall’s scream sounded through the cold winter air. His head had hit the glass roughly, tearing the skin on his head. Blood seeped through his blonde hair as his breath came out in shallow gasps. His broken body had been thrown onto the road in a mangled heap. With one leg bent at an odd angle and his arms lying limply beside him, Niall continued to bleed helplessly.

The driver of the unknown vehicle was lucky enough to only have a few scratches along his arms and face. Passer-by’s tried to stop him as he scrambled away from the scene. The sight of the world’s biggest boy band injured had scared him. He was going to get into some big trouble. He did this. Cursing madly, he dodged the people trying to grab him and left One Direction on the road to die.



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