A Celebration of Stories

This is an attempt by an unseasoned author (a.k.a. 14 year old me) to publish a collection of short stories as soon as I can. I've been writing since I was 10, but if it's for you to judge if I'm any good, so please, if you read my stories, I hope you'll take out a few seconds to give me your feedback, and I welcome constructive criticism. And if you are free, I hope you'll also check out the anthology of poems that i'm in the process of compiling ( A Posy of Poems by awespiring- I love alliterations! ) Thanks.


1. Even immortals can learn

It was raining hard when suddenly I saw a ramshackle hut in the distance. Finally, I thought. It had been a long night, and I was weary from my travel. Raising my hooded head, I trudged forward, scythe in hand, towards the broken house where yet another soul would depart to the other world with me, leaving nothing but sorrow behind...

Reaching the house, I stopped at the threshold, startled; for the dying soul was that of no adult, but a small child. She lay in an older girl's arms, teetering at the precipice between life and death, her breath ragged. I have seen many sights of despair and sadness: but as Death, I know I cannot let emotions best me, and had made myself cold and unfeeling. Yet, as i stood there, the tender concern on the older girl's face  melted my heart. She dabbed at the dying child's burning forehead with a damp cloth, murmuring soothing words of comfort.

And I just stood there.

I still do not know why, or what it was that compelled me to stay. To look for a while. I watched the girl sit there, unwavering, at her weakened companion's side, getting up only to wet the cloth again and again with the trickle of water which escaped the open tap. And I did not move. I watched as slowly, her labors started to bear fruit, as the raging fever subsided, and the child's breathing grew steady, and she fell into a peaceful slumber.

Looking back on that day, I realized that I had learnt an important lesson on the strength of that bond called love: a lesson that I learnt from a nameless girl, one stormy night.

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