The Lennox Brothers

After a flat tire lands brothers Ricky and Kai Lennox in a pitch black country lane on their way home from work, they are attacked by a beast, one which they can only describe as a 'five foot tall canine'.
In the morning, Ricky is shocked to find they are both still alive, but can't help but wonder why the beast didn't finish them off.


3. Scene of the Crime

That night, I had energy enough to go back to find my car with a new tyre. But I didn’t want to go, and so I waited until morning. I took a friend, Blake, with me, for protection. He drove me out to the car, choosing not to question why I brought along a lead pipe and was clutching it like a security blanket. “A dog.” I said. “A big ass, mother-fucking dog. I don’t know where the hell it came from, I don’t know what it was doing out here, but it hunted us down and attacked both of us. We almost died.”

    “It attacked both of you?” I noticed Blake scan me over. I daren’t show him my shoulder, which looked like it had been attacked, but long before a couple of nights ago.

    “Yeah. I still got the blood stained t-shirt, man. We both passed out in this forest.” I pointed out of the car window to the trees zooming past. “All fucking night. This dog, it was like… Have you ever seen an English Mastiff? This thing was double the size. No fucking lies, Blake.”

    “Ricky… My brother had a Mastiff a few years back. Thing was the size of the house. I don’t think I can imagine an animal twice the size of a Mastiff that ain’t a horse or something. I don’t think that’s even possible. I’d be more inclined to believe you if you said a bear attacked you both.” I was livid with recalling the events of that night, and my actions were animated, my voice loud.

    “Hell, for all I know, it could have been. It was dark as hell, but something tore a huge chunk out of my shoulder and ripped my little brother’s chest to pieces. Something was loose in these woods, Blake, and I am never coming down this road again as long as I live.”

    “… Can I see?” I could feel the skepticism in his voice and I did not blame him for it; I should have been in the hospital fighting for my life with the attack I was on the wrong end of, but something weird was happening to my brother and I and we were both fine, moreover, we were both almost healed. But I couldn’t show him my shoulder without him calling me a flat out liar. Which I wasn’t. I was just trapped in some inconvenient, insane, very unnerving circumstances.

    “Bandaged.” I mumbled, staring out of the window but trying not to relive the other night. “Bandaged up. Best I could, anyway.”

    “Shouldn’t you report something like that to animal control, or something?”

    “Give me the number and I will.” I insisted, fully serious. That thing wasn’t hunting us down for food, it was hunting us for sport. If it wanted us as food, it wouldn’t have left us out there like that. Something that big probably didn’t have much other game to hunt in that forest other than deer, and that thing was much faster and stronger than any deer. It probably counted its rare blessings when it saw me and Kai walking that road. “There it is.” Announcing the car’s location was unnecessary seeing as it was the only car along this road other than Blake’s, I only really did it to break the awkward tension. I pointed, too.

    Replacing the tyre was a job that did not take long at all, I had done it before and Blake was my go-to friend when it came to cars, it was basically all he spent his free time on. Having him there to concentrate on the car left me available to scan the trees like the paranoid mess I was, clutching the lead pipe tight in my sweaty palms, planning my escape in my head should it become necessary.

    “Ricky,” said Blake, plucking the tyre from the car. “You’re a mess.”

    “You would be, too if that thing chased and mauled you and your brother.”

    “I don’t mean to be ‘that guy’,” he glanced up at me then looked back at the car, “but if it was that bad, you wouldn’t be walking around.” My jaw tightened, but I kept my cool.

    “You don’t believe me.” Part of me, honestly, did not care, as long as we got the hell out of dodge as soon as we possibly could. The rest, I could deal with later. Talking to Kai about all of this was going to be an uphill struggle, I could picture his reply now: ‘Doesn’t matter, we’re okay, just never go down that road again and forget about it’. Forgetting about it, however, seemed most unwise, for a reason I could not pinpoint, it was just a strong, strong feeling in my bones that ignoring this and hoping it would all disappear like some sort of god awful nightmare was the worst way to go about it.

    “It’s not that, I believe that you saw something and it probably did attack you, but I cannot think of anything that’s double the size of a Mastiff that would leave you in one piece. I mean, why would it non-fatally attack you, then just leave you there?”

    “For fun.” I answered immediately. “What fun is prey that doesn’t run away?”

    “I’m just saying that maybe it seemed bigger in the dark, when you were scared.” I sighed gently, loosening my grip on the lead pipe.

    “This is me you’re talking to.” I shrugged, looking at Blake. When he caught me looking, he held eye contact, squatted on the floor, his fingertips resting on the rim of the new tyre. “If it were Kai, then yes he would probably exaggerate. But I’m the, y’know, sane one.” Blake just shrugged, and carried on with the tyre.

    “I know. To be honest, Ricky, it doesn’t make much of a difference to me whether or not this really happened, but if you want my opinion, then I think you were scared, it was dark, and your mind played tricks on you.” Again, I sighed, unable to contain it.

    “In which case, I don’t want your opinion. No offense.”

    “None taken.” At least he meant it and wasn’t going to be a whiny bitch about it. Minutes later, he finished putting on the tyre. “Right. All set. She should be good to go. You alright to drive back? With your shoulder?”

    “Gotta get it out of here somehow.” I murmured, walking over and kicking the tyre twice. “Perfect. Thanks, Blake. I appreciate this - you have no idea.”

    “You’re welcome.” His palms pushing into his thighs, he pushed himself up to standing. I took a step towards him and put forward my hand. Taking a quick look at it, then taking it and proceeding to shake hands with me, a surprised smile passed his lips. When our hands separated, he looked down at his and smiled a little wider. “You didn’t have to. I’m glad you did. But you didn’t have to.” He pushed the £20 I had slipped him into his pocket. “Stay off this road, yeah?”

    “Don’t worry, I will.”

    “And look,” he started to walk back to his car, talking over his shoulder. “If you really are convinced that you saw something that big, that vicious,” he opened his car door, “tell somebody. I dunno who, the police or the RSPCA, I dunno, just let somebody know that that thing is out there. Hope Kai’s okay. Rest that shoulder.”

    “I will. Thanks again, Blake.” He got into his car and started up the engine, but he didn’t go anywhere, just sat behind the wheel. His hands ran through his short, blonde hair and rested on the back of his head, arms like triangles on either side of his ears and he waited for me. I got into my own car, started the engine, felt the evenness of the tyres and nodded to Blake, who nodded back but still didn’t lower his arms. Seat-belt fastened, lead pipe lying in the back seat, engine rumbling smoothly, I let off the handbrake and pulled away slow and steady, the gravel crunching underneath the wheels. I kept watch of Blake in my rear view mirror. Now I was moving, he had also started to. I watched him perform a three point turn to turn his car around and he was soon following behind me. At the end of the long road, we parted ways and on arriving home, I found a bare-chested Kai examining himself in the bathroom mirror.

    “Stop being weird.” I said. His eyes flickered over to glimpse me in the doorway, then back at his chest.

    “You know what’s weird?” He questioned, forefinger tracing his new scars. “This. This is weird. This isn’t right, this happening than 50 hours ago and me unable to see where it was bleeding anymore. That’s what’s weird.”

    “Yeah, I know.” I tugged the neck of my own t-shirt over to show him how my own scar looked. “Mine’s the same.” He turned 180 on hi heels to look in my shoulder in person rather than through the mirror. “And when I was out with Blake, I realised something.”

    “Oh yeah? What’s that?” I released my shirt and it loosely pinged back into shape, although now faintly distorted.

    “We can’t tell anybody about his.” I announced. Kai’s brow furrowed. “I was telling Blake about it, and only then did I realise how fucking crazy this story is. There is not an animal that big that isn’t a bear or something, Kai. I know what I saw and you know what you saw, but that doesn’t mean anyone will believe us. And this?” I pointed with my forefinger and middle finger to the scratches over his chest. “This just puts the icing right on top of the bullshit cake, because nobody is going to believe this happened just a couple of days ago. I told Blake. But that was it. We keep this under our hats for now, unless something happens, like-”

    “Like what?”

    “Like, I don’t know, we hear about another attack, then we can be noble or what-the-fuck-ever and come forward about it, but we’re just going to look like attention whoring bitches if we go running our mouths.” Kai opened his mouth momentarily to speak, then apparently decided against it and closed his lips, gesturing a defeated nod.

    “Yeah. Yeah, y’know, you’re right.” I knew I was right. But still, I was unable to shake the distant feeling that this was not the end of this and it was all going to get progressively worse.

    We were fit to work again, both of us, so soon after the attack, and when the next call came in that afternoon, we set out and were finished twice as fast as we usually would be, mainly because I did most of the work and I wanted to get home. Although, since we were being paid by the hour, it was an undesirable side effect, though we did receive an extra tip for finishing up so quickly.

    “I don’t like this.” Said Kai, on the drive home. “I don’t like that everything is back to normal so fast. And I don’t like you rushing things and cutting our money short.”

    “Kai, I really don’t care right now, the money the other day makes up for it.” Leaning back in his seat, he huffed out a strong sigh. His hands found their way to behind his head for a few minutes, then he pulled up his shirt to inspect his scars again. With a shake of his head, he dismissed it, then dropped his shirt and put his hands on the back of his head again. His eyes closed.

    “Let’s get drunk.” Kai decided.


    “C’mon. Let’s just get drunk. Tonight. It’s Friday, we got a bit of extra cash - this is fucked,” he pointed to his chest, “but if it hadn’t healed like this, then we wouldn’t have worked today, so what we got today is pretty much free cash, right?”
    “I guess, if you wanna look at it that way…” I said, shrugging. “Ugh, yeah, why not. Let’s get drunk and put all of this shit behind us.” I couldn’t remember the last time I had gotten drunk before tonight. Kai made a point of doing so damn near every Friday night, but I found I often didn’t have time to join him. See, I was the one who sorted the paperwork and taxes and readied the kits before we went out to work. The few times I did let Kai do the paperwork, he screwed it up beyond repair, although I do sometimes speculate that may have been purpose so I would never let him do it again. An age old trick. “Drinks are on you, though.”

    “Oh, by all means, brutha’.” Said Kai, with a dashing smile.


    That night was a blur. It started out calmly, the two of us enjoying a drink at Alexanderose, the local nightclub. After a couple of hours we had both struck up conversation with a couple of lovely young ladies, both of which had a deliciously devilish aura about them, both with dark hair, dark lips, dark eyes and voices so smooth you could slip over them. I don’t know what it was about them other than their intangible beauty, but they were irresistible, both of them, though they seemed to have chosen one of us each to work their magic on. At least until a worked, a tall dirty-blond haired young man with insanely bright green eyes wearing a black shirt under a black suit approached them, whispered something to each of them and caused them, to leave us to go to the bar instead.

    “You’ll thank me one day.” Said the blond guy, but Kai had scowled viciously at him for being such a ‘cock-block’. I have no idea what the blond guy said to them, I think he may have offered them free drinks - why he would go to such an extent just to keep them away from us, I cannot fathom, unless they were friends of his he was overprotective of. Kai wanted to go after him to find out what had just happened, but the blond disappeared into a back room. Besides, I reminded Kai it wouldn’t be a very intelligent idea to start a fight with an employee of the nightclub he attends almost every weekend and planned to continue attending almost every weekend.

    However, Kai did make a point of mentioning to me how both of us could easily take on the bouncers. They were tall but none too bulky, which Kai and I, with the only gift from our German-Scottish father, were. Kai was smaller than me, in both height and weight, but there was only about 10lbs between us, Kai weighing in at approximately 180lbs, myself at 190lbs. Since our early teens, we had both been very active, very fit and very strong.

    Something I felt rising in myself at the nightclub was a growing loyalty to my little brother. Usually in his stupid quests to hunt down assholes in bars and punch in their faces, I would attempt to calm him or take him away, but tonight I was more than ready to stand beside him as his backup, even though I knew it was retarded. I would have helped him take on that blond guy, I would have helped him take on the bouncers - damn it, the entire club if I had to, and all because of the voice in the back of my mind that kept reminding me he was my brother.

    Either way, by the end of the night, we ended up in Phoenix Lockdown, Phoenix’s other, less popular albeit not terrible, nightclub. There, Kai did pick a fight, still sour about the girls being uninterested after talking to the blond, no matter what he did to try and entice them back. He punched the lights out of some pretty boy, whose circle of four pretty boy friends ganged up on him. They weren’t, it seems, expecting that I would join in. It was a good night, we took them all on and won, two against four. We were then, of course, escorted from the club by security, but we were laughing as they did it. After that, we bought a six-pack of beers and lay beside the lake in Phoenix Park just laughing our asses off at stupid shit and making pictures out of the stars that weren’t there; (Mona Lisa, that kid with the weird hair in the foster home). The best part of it all was taking a day out from fucking everything and that day ending in hysterical laughter. A lot of fucked up stuff happened to my brother and I , but hey, we had each other.


    Just four days after the attack, Kai’s chest was completely healed, leaving just one scar - a long scratch diagonal across his heart. And that scared me more than the monster - that we were both completely healed, I’m talking one-year-later healed. Kai had just the one scratch scar, and my shoulder was marked with a silvery crosshatch of scar tissue, about four to six inches in diameter.

    “That brunette girl at the gym - Claire.” I announced to Kai that week. “Turns out she’s a trainee nurse.” And a pretty one at that. “I was there last night, she uh, noticed,” I pointed to my shoulder. Kai rolled his eyes and sighed wearily.
    “I’m Ricky, I wear a wife-beater to the gym when I have a hideous scar.”

    “Yeah, a mistake I won’t make again any time soon.” I grumbled. “I had to play the whole, ‘oh, you never noticed?’ card. And I don’t know if you ever noticed, but I am not a good liar.”

    “I’ve noticed. Multiple times. Continue.”

    “Well, I had to make like I was playing a game with her, but I asked her how long ago, from a medical standpoint, she thought I’d had the scar.”

    “And? What did she say? Couple months?”

    “She said it looked like I’d had it for years.” My arms folded across my chest. “I know I said we should forget about it and I still sort of stand by that, but I don’t know, maybe we should get this looked at.”

    “Oh, right, yeah, and say what? Hi, doc, check out this scar, I’ve had it six days. He’s gonna look at you like you’re a retard.”

    “Yeah, okay, that’s pretty likely, but suppose there’s a reason for it.”

    “I don’t care. We got mauled. We lived. We have scars. That’s just it. Get over it.” I ran a steady hand through my hair and scratched my ear, with a back and forth, quick motion across the conch.

    “Yeah. I guess you’re right.” God damn it, I hated him to be right but he was. No doctor would listen to me or take me seriously. Maybe there was something Kai and I were missing about this whole scenario, maybe the wounds weren’t as deep as we thought. Maybe Blake was right and the animal wasn’t as big as it seemed. I didn’t know. So, my plans from there on out were to carry on as normal.

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