One way or another

Hope is a 17 year old girl who's mother died mysteriously 6 months after giving birth and her father passed away not long ago due to disease. With no siblings and most of her family living far away, she's forced to live with her uncle. A rich but cruel man who has no intention of giving Hope any care or love. Her Aunty on the other hand is a kind and giving lady.
But Hope knows she can't stay. Her last option is to run away. She cannot spend another day with her Uncle, who seems to be hiding something. Big. Will Hope be left with anything? All seems to be going the wrong way until she meets a sweet boy with a kind heart who decides to take the poor girl under his wing.
What will Hope find out? Her Uncle's secret? Love? Or all the wrong things?


9. Where am I? Who are you? Please help me.


Zayn's POV

She was always on my mind. She would never leave. She was all I thought about during the day, and all I dreamt about at night.

Those eyes. They looked like they'd been held by the ocean. That golden hair. It looked like it had been kissed by the sun. That smile, made me so happy.

I had to find her. It was love at first sight.


I turned my head. It was Liam.

"You ready?"

"What for?" I asked.

"Remember, I told you I'd help you find the girl." He smiled.

Oh yeah. She'd been on my mind so much I totally forgot. But that was dumb luck, when I saw her.  What were my chances of finding her again.

Still, I had to try.

"Let's go." I said. I needed her.

Half an hour later, we were in a park. I was looking everywhere.

I knew I'd recognise her when I saw her, but so far, no luck.

I looked at the faces of every girl I saw. None of them was her.

"Hey," Liam said. "Why are you looking so quickly? You're just scanning, not really looking. Like you know what you're looking for."

"I do." I said.


"A couple of days ago, I was walking and this care drove past me. Casually, I looked at the care and then I saw her. 

I knew she was the one. I can't find her anywhere."

"What did she look like? Maybe I can help."

"Words can't describe."

"At least try."

"Ok. She had this amazing golden-brown hair, it was straight and reached about halfway down her spine. She had these amazing blue eyes. They were like sapphires. She had tanned skin and a smile that could make anyone happy."

"Ok..." Liam said. "That narrows it down a bit more; but not by much."

"We won't get any closer to finding her standing here." I said.

"Ok, lets go. You take the right half of the park, I'll take the left.

"Ok." I agreed.

Liam's POV

Gold hair, blue eyes, nice smile. Gold hair, blue eyes, nice smile. 

Those words were the only things going through my mind. I looked everywhere.

There were some really pretty ones, but none of them were the girl.

I was about to go back and give up. I turned around and I saw a girl. She had gold hair, a nice smile, but she was wearing sunnies. Suddenly, as if reading my mind, she took them off. My heart skipped a beat.

Damn. I thought. They were brown.

I decided I wouldn't tell Zayn, I didn't want to get his hopes up. But I will make sure he finds her.

Zayn's POV

Nothing. Nowhere. I sat down on a park bench. My head in my hands. I needed to find her. I swear, I loved her.

I lifted up my head and saw Liam.

"Well?" I asked, hopeful. Though the expression on his face said nothing.

"Sorry, Zayn. Nothing."

"Oh..." I mumbled.

"We have to go." Liam said, checking his watch.

"Now? Why now?"

"Cos we have to go to that place again, remember? Like last week."

"Oh yeah."

"Don't worry." Liam said. "We'll find her."

I smiled.

Hope's POV

"Thank you so much for everything," I said, thanking my Aunt.

"It's ok." She said. "This is really hard for me, to just let you go, you know."

"I know." I said. 

"You should go now. In daylight. Find an apartment to rent or something. I've also put a credit card in your bag. I don't know how much money, I went kinda crazy."

"You're amazing." I said.

"I know," She laughed. If you ever need anything, come around the back way. There's a key under the tile that's left from the cracked one."

"Uhh." I said, confused.

"Here," Bri laughed. "I wrote it down. Text me updates. Like how well you're doing. 

"Thank you. Thank you so much."

"You're welcome."

"I love you." I said hugging her, crying. "You're like the mum I never had."

"And you're like my daughter, Hope. Which makes this harder."

"We'll see each other again." I said.

"I know."

"Good bye." I said hugging her, we were both crying.

"No. Not goodbye." She said. "See you later."

"Yes." Was all I said.

Then I left.


~2 hours later~ 

I checked my watch. 6:30pm. 

I was planning on renting a cheap apartment, then look for a job. I was still scared.

I was in a shop, buying some more food and water. I was so worried about everything that I wasn't really paying attention to anything else. For tonight, I'd probably sleep in my actual house. I knew the way.


Half an hour later I went for a really long walk. It felt so nice to be away from my abusive uncle. I kept walking till I found somewhere that I always went to with my dad.

The cemetery. It was where my mum was buried. Every time I came, I bought flowers from the conveniently placed flower shop next door.

I went inside. There was no one there. There never really was. Dad usually just got the flowers and put the money on the desk with a note saying which ones he bought.

I bought a bouquet of purple and white roses. I checked the tag: $8:50c.

I grabbed a ten dollar note and put it on the counter.

I walked up to my mothers grave. I put the flowers down gently next to the headstone.

The words read: Kate  Valentine-Mercado. 1985-2013.

I sat down and just began talking, like she was there, listening.

"Mum, It's been so hard without you. I miss you so much, even though I didn't know you for that long, but I love you. 

Now Dad's gone and it's so hard. I- I just don't know what to do." I was crying at this point.

"I know you're there... Somewhere... And I'm glad Dad's with you know, but that means he's not with me. I- I need someone. Why did you both have to be taken away from me? I didn't do anything. I just need help. Your help. Please."

I sat there for I-dont-know-how-long, crying, just thinking about everything. Leaving my ass-hole of an Uncle was the right choice, I was just so alone here, in this world. Over 7billion people and I'm alone, so, so alone.

After a while I left the graveyard, going back into Town, then to my house. While I was walking, close to Town, two guys appeared. One was wearing a black hoodie, and the other was wearing a dark blue. They both wore black pants and I could tell they were not friendly. I clutched on to the straps of my back-pack, my heart beating so hard out of fear it felt like it might explode. I quickly glanced at my watch. 7:50pm. Shit.

"Hey." Said the guy in the black hoodie.

I picked up my pace. So did they.

"You right, babe?" Said the blue hoodie.

"Get lost." I said. They laughed.

"Why? We just want something from you."

"Do you know what?" Said the blue hoodie.

"Just some fun." Said the black hoodie.

I began to run. So did they.

I was running so fast. They were catching up. I was terrified.

I was still running. I was finally in Town. I looked behind me. They were gone.

I stopped. Panting, catching my breath. I un-zipped my bag and got out some water. After a few gulps, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was the guy in the blue hoodie. My heart missed a beat.

"Get her." Said black hoodie.

He punched me in the head.

"HEY!" I heard a voice yell.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" It said again.

The blue hoodie punched my left shoulder and the two ran away. 

My last memories were seeing them flee, and someone running up to me, trying to help me; I think.

Then it all went black.

Zayn's POV

I was leaving the place were we performed and saw two guys. One of them punched this girl in the head.

"HEY!" I yelled at them. They looked up at me.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" I yelled, again. One guy punched her in the shoulder, and they both left. The girls' eyes closed, and she collapsed onto the ground.

"Liam!" I screamed.

"Liam, Liam! Get over here now! Liam!" I was basically screaming at the top of my lungs.

Tears were escaping from my eyes. Liam and the rest of the guys came rushing over. They saw me, eyes getting puffy; and they saw the girl. Bruised and bleeding.

"W-who is that?" Liam asked, confused.

"It's her, Liam." I was basically crying. "It's her."




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