One way or another

Hope is a 17 year old girl who's mother died mysteriously 6 months after giving birth and her father passed away not long ago due to disease. With no siblings and most of her family living far away, she's forced to live with her uncle. A rich but cruel man who has no intention of giving Hope any care or love. Her Aunty on the other hand is a kind and giving lady.
But Hope knows she can't stay. Her last option is to run away. She cannot spend another day with her Uncle, who seems to be hiding something. Big. Will Hope be left with anything? All seems to be going the wrong way until she meets a sweet boy with a kind heart who decides to take the poor girl under his wing.
What will Hope find out? Her Uncle's secret? Love? Or all the wrong things?


10. Please, wake up.

Zayn's POV

I sat there, on my knees, not knowing what to do. I could barely speak, barely breathe, but I couldn't think at all.

The only words coming out of my mouth were: "Liam, Liam." And,"It's her."

I couldn't do anything. I just knew it was the girl I'd seen a week ago, the girl I was always looking for, the girl that when I found her, she was almost already lost.

I managed to to turn my head to look at Liam, he was on his phone.

"W-who are you c-calling?" I asked, barely getting the words out of my mouth.

"Paramedics," He answered.

"Hello? I need an ambulance; immediately."

He'd put the phone on speaker so I could hear, too.

"What is your emergency, Sir?" The lady on the other line asked.

"Uhh, we were leaving a restaurant, and we saw these two guys beating up a girl and now she's unconscious."

"Where are you?" The lady asked.

Liam told her where we were and she said an ambulance would be here in under ten minutes. And in the meantime, to check her pulse, stop any bleeding and if she woke up talk to her and ask her questions so she didn't fall unconscious again, or worse, slip into a coma.

After 7 minutes, we heard the blaring alarm of the ambulance.

They turned the corner and parked next to us. Two guys wheeled out a gurney and we lifted her onto it.

"Hey," Liam said, patting my shoulder, "It's gonna be ok. Promise."

I just nodded.

Louis texted Paul what happened and told him we were going to the Hospital in the ambulance.

I was just sitting next to her, holding her limp and fragile hand in mine.

~20 minutes later~

We were all in the chairs outside the room in which she was in: R.97

It had been 15 minutes since I was here, waiting, but it felt like days.

"Excusme, Sir?" A Doctor asked me.

"Yes?" I answered.

"You may come in to see her. She's still unconscious, but we've giver her an injection so it's not easy to say when she could wake up."

"O-ok. But she will wake up, right?" I asked, dying inside, only being kept alive by a little glimmer of hope.

"I'ts very likely." He answered.

"Thank you," I said, getting off my chair and going into the room.

She was just lying there, unmoving.

I sat on a chair next to her, waiting, and waiting and waiting.

It had been nearly an hour. I got up to leave the room, to tell the Doctor. I didn't want to leave but she should've woken up by now.

I started to make my way towards the towards the door, when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her hand twitch. It was such a small movement, I barely noticed.

I walked up to the side of the bed and began to speak to her.

"Hey? Wake up. Please wake up. Come on, I need you to wake up; please."

I saw her hand twitch, and her eyes open.

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