One way or another

Hope is a 17 year old girl who's mother died mysteriously 6 months after giving birth and her father passed away not long ago due to disease. With no siblings and most of her family living far away, she's forced to live with her uncle. A rich but cruel man who has no intention of giving Hope any care or love. Her Aunty on the other hand is a kind and giving lady.
But Hope knows she can't stay. Her last option is to run away. She cannot spend another day with her Uncle, who seems to be hiding something. Big. Will Hope be left with anything? All seems to be going the wrong way until she meets a sweet boy with a kind heart who decides to take the poor girl under his wing.
What will Hope find out? Her Uncle's secret? Love? Or all the wrong things?


12. I must be dreaming.

Hope's POV



The darkest, blackest abyss ever; and I was trapped in in.


My head and shoulder really hurt.

Where the hell was I?

Nowhere; that's where.

No one else. Just me.

All alone.

By myself.




I don't even know what this black thing was.

An abyss seemed like the best word to use, but an abyss has to have an end, where you hit the ground.

Or maybe I'm still falling.

No. I'm standing, but I can't even feel the floor.

It's a floor that's not a floor.

What is this?


My head.

Why did it hurt.

I didn't remember anything.

The pain was unbearable.

Suddenly the floor that's not a floor collapsed underneath me.

I was falling.





Then, the exact second that I hit the ground; my eyes opened.


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