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Hope is a 17 year old girl who's mother died mysteriously 6 months after giving birth and her father passed away not long ago due to disease. With no siblings and most of her family living far away, she's forced to live with her uncle. A rich but cruel man who has no intention of giving Hope any care or love. Her Aunty on the other hand is a kind and giving lady.
But Hope knows she can't stay. Her last option is to run away. She cannot spend another day with her Uncle, who seems to be hiding something. Big. Will Hope be left with anything? All seems to be going the wrong way until she meets a sweet boy with a kind heart who decides to take the poor girl under his wing.
What will Hope find out? Her Uncle's secret? Love? Or all the wrong things?


16. Don't be so worried. I'm here.

Hope's POV

'Zayn? Zayn where are you?'

I was trying to call out for him but no words were coming out of my mouth.

No matter how loud I yelled, there were no words.


I tried again.


I was practically screaming out my lungs...

Except I wasn't.

It was like I'd forgotten how to speak.

But then I heard a voice.


A voice that to me, sounded like the most painful noise anyone could make.

It was like metal against metal, or a cat scratching its nails down a never ending chalk board.


I turned around...

There was no one there.


'I found you.'

'Ahh!' The voice hurt so much. I tried to scream but it only happened in my head.

I curled into a little ball, my hands on my ears trying to keep the sound out. But I couldn't kick it out.

'Don't you remember me?'

It couldn't be. My Uncle. How did he find me? How? He wasn't supposed to be back yet. He wasn't even supposed to know where I was.

Did my Aunt tell him? No. No way. She doesn't know I'm her either. And she'd never do that to me.

I'm not even sure I know where I am. This place is so dark. Not an abyss like last time, but just a dim room, the lights were out and there was no window to shaft out light.

My heart was racing.

It was going so fast that I thought it might burst out of my chest and kill me... If my uncle didn't first.

'Zayn?' I said again, knowing no words would come out, but like the stubborn person I am, I tried anyway.

'Be scared.'

His voice again.

I screamed in my head. 

Every time he made a sound, every word he said, was like a stab in the heart.

'No one can hear you scream.'

I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and screamed again. 

But this time, I actually screamed.

The second I did, I shot off the couch.


My heart was still beating, my eyes were watering and my forehead and palms were all sweaty.

I could hear the rhythmic beat of my heart.

Dadum, dadum, dadum.

'Whoa! Hope? What happened?" Zayn asked.

I was crying now.

"I had a nightmare." I said, between sobs.

'He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight to his chest.

"Shh." He kept saying as the tears ran down my cheek, endlessly. "Shh, it's not real. It was just a dream."

I looked up at him and cried even more.

"No. It- it wasn't a dream. It was a nightmare." I sobbed.

He wrapped both his hands around mine. "It's not real, baby."

"It's. It's- it's..."      

"It's what?"

"I can't say. I don't think I'm ready."

"Whenever you're ready, you tell me."

"I'm sorry," I said crying into his chest.

"There's nothing to be sorry about, though."

I just nodded and wiped my tears away.

"Hey, let's go get some ice-cream."

"Why? Now?"

"Why not?"

I laughed, glad to get my mind off things.

"Ok, let's go." I stood up and wiped the tears off my face. Zayn grabbed my hand and we walked outside.

"Do you wanna walk? It's only, like, fifteen minutes." He asked.

"Sure." I said. We walked slowly, hand in hand, to the ice-cream shop and talked about anything. We got there and ordered.

"What would you like?" Asked the guy at the counter.

"One scoop caramel." I said.

"And one scoop of mint chic-chip, please." Zayn said.

"Sure. That'll be $8." Zayn payed the man and we walked back, hand in hand, talking, but this time, with ice-cream.

"So how'd you find yourself here?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You said you had no where else to go and... if you don't wanna tell me, it's fine. Actually, forget I asked-"

"No it's ok; you deserve to know. I just won't go into too much detail."


I sighed and took a deep breath. "My mum passed away when I was really little. I lived with my dad and he loved me very much and I loved him too. Not long ago he passed away so he sent me to live with my Uncle; who I hate. He'd abuse me and was half drunk most of the time, so, with my Aunt's help, I ran away with a backpack full of stuff I needed. I found my way to my mum's grave and stayed there for a while. I realised how late it was and walked out, when I realise two guys where following me. I ran into town and they weren't there anymore, well, they were, I just couldn't see them. They walked in front of me when I was looking back and knocked me out. That's where you came in... And saved me. Thanks."

"Wow. That's quite a story."

I nodded and blinked away the tears.

He smiled and hugged me. We had gotten to the house and the sun was setting. 

"Do you wanna watch a movie?"

"Sure. What movies do you have?"

He got heaps of movies and laid them out on the table.

"That one!" I said, pointing to the Toy Story on the table.

"I dunno, Liam loves this, we shouldn't watch it without him... Eh."

"Aww, at least tell him."

"Ok," He laughed.

He pulled out his phone and started texting. He sent the message and started walking towards them kitchen. "I'm just gonna make some popcorn, k?"

"Sure. I put in the dvd."


About a minute later, his phone buzzed. 



"Your phone buzzed!"

"Can you read the text for me?"

"Yep." I turned on the phone it read One text from Liam.

"It says: 'Cool, don't start without me!! :P Can I bring a friend??'

"Can you ask him who?"

"Sure." I texted Liam asking who it was and he replied almost instantly.

"Uhh he said: 'U don't know her. She's really nice. Her name's Gillian.'

Zayn laughed and told me to reply back 'Ok.' I sent the message and in about ten minutes, Liam came through the door with a girl, presumably Gillian.

"Hey guys." Zayn said.

"Hey Zayn. This is Gillian. I met her a few days ago. Hey Hope. How are you feeling?"

I was glad Liam still remembered me from the hospital. "Hey Li. I'm heaps better, thanks."

They made their way to the couch where me and Zayn were waiting with a few bowls of popcorn. We were about to start the movie when more people (Louis, Harry and Louis' girlfriend -I think-, Lauren,) came in.

Niall, who'd just woken up from his nap, came down the stairs.

"Ooh! Food!" Niall said excitedly while making his way to the couch, saying hi to all of us.

"Hey Ni." Liam and Zayn said. Harry said hi as well and Louis shook his hand on our heads, messing up our hair. His way of saying hi. When we were all on the couch, me on Zayn's lap, holding his hand, Gillian and Liam sitting next to each other with Liam's arm around her back, twirling a part of her hair that was hanging over her shoulder, Louis was sitting on Lauren's lap , complaining to her that he wanted food and Harry and Niall were next to each other, stuffing themselves with popcorn. 

When the movie was over, Zayn led me to 'my' room and gave me a shirt of his to use as PJ's.

"Thanks Zayn." I said kissing his cheek and feeling him blush as he left me in the room.

Lauren and Gillian had spent the night, too. But they were lucky. They still had a home to go back to...


When I woke up the next morning, I adjusted my eyes to the light and found Zayn sitting on the end of the bed, fully dressed. I checked my little wrist watch.


"Whoa, Zayn; what are you doing up at eight in the morning?" I asked, while rubbing me eyes.

"Uhh, pack your bags."


"We're going to Italy!"


A/N. Hey guys. I am SO sorry for not updating in AGES (and yes I mean ages) I had exams, assignments and I was on holidays for a month so yeah... Hope you's liked the chapter!!

Oh and Harry's and Niall's girls, don't worry, you'll be introduced soon!! :)

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