One way or another

Hope is a 17 year old girl who's mother died mysteriously 6 months after giving birth and her father passed away not long ago due to disease. With no siblings and most of her family living far away, she's forced to live with her uncle. A rich but cruel man who has no intention of giving Hope any care or love. Her Aunty on the other hand is a kind and giving lady.
But Hope knows she can't stay. Her last option is to run away. She cannot spend another day with her Uncle, who seems to be hiding something. Big. Will Hope be left with anything? All seems to be going the wrong way until she meets a sweet boy with a kind heart who decides to take the poor girl under his wing.
What will Hope find out? Her Uncle's secret? Love? Or all the wrong things?


15. C'mon

We were at the house the boys shared together.

It. Was. Big.

When we arrived Zayn asked me if I wanted to shower. I said yes and he showed me were one of the many bathrooms were.

I took a long shower. I finished and went downstairs. I found Zayn sitting on the couch. I plopped myself next to him.

"Where are the rest of the boys?" I asked.

"Harry and Liam have gone to the shops, Niall is asleep and Louis is with his girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" I asked, smiling.

"Yeah. Her name's Lauren. She's really pretty and sweet."

I smiled and yawned.

"Tired?" He asked.

I nodded. 

"Lie down," He said.

I rested the back of my head on his leg and drifted off to sleep while he twirled my hair around his fingers.

Zayn's POV

I found her. I finally found her.

It seemed so unreal. Like she was a dream. Something too perfect to be with me. Like someone out of my imagination.

She laid down with her head on my legs and drifted off to sleep.

I took the opportunity to play with her locks of hair.

Her perfect, golden hair.

And she had these amazing blue eyes.

I started humming C'mon to her.

Yeahh, I've been watching you all night,

There's something in your eyes,

Saying c'mon, c'mon and dance with me, baby.

The music is so loud,
I wanna be yours now,
So c'mon, c'mon,
And dance with me, baby.

I finished singing and looked down at her.

She was a dream. She was my dream.

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