The house

If you were to wake up, not knowing your past or where you are, would you be scared?

When 16 year old, Sophia is chased by unknown creatures in a place she doesn’t know; and wakes up not remembering anything from her past. She is forced to venture into an old house that is not what it seems. Why is she here? How can she get out? What secretes dose this old house hold? What happened in this mysterious house?


1. The chase

I could still hear them running behind me, chasing me, it was a stormy night, I was tired, and I had been trying to get away from them for hours. In fact, I don’t even know what they are, all I know is they are trying to kill me. I tripped over with a big THUD! And hit my head; I got up, stumbling trying to find my way through the darkness, as fast as I possibly could. I heard them coming closer, and then they attacked…. I heard howls, “They must be wolves.” I said quietly to myself, before being knocked out. When I woke, I didn’t remember anything apart from something was chasing me through the forest last night, my name is Sophia and I am 16.  I was scared and I saw a big, old, strange looking house with enormous gates surrounding it. It looked like it was about 5pm and I saw the creatures eyes, glowing in the shadows, waiting till dusk. I quickly stumbled to my feet and approached the big black gates, they were locked. I rolled my eyes and sighed. As I started to walk away from the gates they creaked open. I mustn’t have checked it properly. I approached the gates once again, as I walked through them, a massive gust of wind blew them shut, locking them once again. So I was trapped in someone else’s creepy house; “What fun….” OMG I’M TALKING TO MYSELF!! It was getting dark so I walked up to the door, raised my hand and before I got to knock, the door slowly crept open.

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