The house

If you were to wake up, not knowing your past or where you are, would you be scared?

When 16 year old, Sophia is chased by unknown creatures in a place she doesn’t know; and wakes up not remembering anything from her past. She is forced to venture into an old house that is not what it seems. Why is she here? How can she get out? What secretes dose this old house hold? What happened in this mysterious house?


3. searching

I jumped to my feet, squinting my eyes looking around the lightless room in search of her. I felt my way around the room, I found a match and candle, and I lit it and looked around the room. I began to look around for the girl some more, she seemed like she needed a lot of help. I walked around the corner, to see someone staring right back at me “Ahhhhh!” I screamed; “Shhhhhhhh;” he whispered “Follow me.” So I did as he said. He led me down a long hallway with several doors with different numbers drawn on them with something red. I looked closer, it was blood. “Open that one’” he demanded pointing at the one right at the end with the number 1 on it. “Can’t you just do it? Sheesh!” He shook his head quickly in disagreement. I opened the door and followed him through it into the mysterious room. As soon as I set foot in the dark room, the candle blew out. I kept moving forward, following the glowing man. Wait, GLOWING MAN??! I thought to myself. “Do you live here? Was that your daughter crying in the other room? Who is she? Who are you? Why can’t I get out of this place? How do I get out?” I asked “You will find all the answers you need soon enough.” And he vanished. I continued strolling around the room, when I walked into some spider webs. “Ahhhhh! I screamed as I tried to brush them all of quickly.

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