The house

If you were to wake up, not knowing your past or where you are, would you be scared?

When 16 year old, Sophia is chased by unknown creatures in a place she doesn’t know; and wakes up not remembering anything from her past. She is forced to venture into an old house that is not what it seems. Why is she here? How can she get out? What secretes dose this old house hold? What happened in this mysterious house?


12. Remember?

I stepped through the doors trying to think of my past. “Remember! Just remember! Come on stupid brain! Remember!” I complained to myself. I closed my eyes really hard and tried to think, back to 1852, the year I died. I opened my eyes and gasped at the beautiful sight of the house. Instead of old, dusty and half fallen apart, it was big, beautiful and shiny. I looked up at the big crystal chandelier, lit up. I couldn’t see how this could come to be so…. I can’t even think of the right word to describe it. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I heard a scream coming from upstairs, a place I never really did venture to. I crept up them silently, following the sound of the girl’s voice. As I walked around the corner she came running out of the door, I couldn’t see her face properly though, she ran straight through me. “I am a ghost.” I whispered. She stopped; looked back and screamed; “Who is there??! Seriously, I’m sick of all of this!!” She stopped and I recognised her, it was me! “I can’t do this anymore.” She screamed as she ran into a room, grabbed some rope and bolted down the stairs. I followed her quickly to see what she, I mean I, was doing. She ran through the doors, into the front yard; over towards a well. She tied the rope to it, and her neck; and jumped. She, I committed suicide, because of the ghosts. Because they led me to it. I blinked and it all returned to normal, well the normal I know, as in an old run down haunted house.

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