The house

If you were to wake up, not knowing your past or where you are, would you be scared?

When 16 year old, Sophia is chased by unknown creatures in a place she doesn’t know; and wakes up not remembering anything from her past. She is forced to venture into an old house that is not what it seems. Why is she here? How can she get out? What secretes dose this old house hold? What happened in this mysterious house?


7. Realizing

She snatched the book away, flicked through the pages until she stopped on a random page. I looked over her shoulder and saw a picture of me; I read the corner of the page.

Sophia: Grave stone number 9

“I-I-I-I-I’m dead?” I stuttered. “Didn’t you know?” asked the lady. I shook my head, “Why am I here?” “That is one question you must answer yourself.” “How am I supposed to know that?” “You will figure it out.” She said wisely. “You are a very smart girl, you will be able to figure it out.” She smiled as she disappeared and left me alone in the big empty room, I looked back at the rocking chair she was sitting on; I grabbed the book and looked back at the number 9. “Ok, let’s find my room. OH MY GOD! IM TALKING TO MYSELF AGAIN!” I yelled and rolled my eyes. I went wondering out of the door, down the long hallway, I was searching for a number 9, but I couldn’t find it. I went back to the first room where the chandelier had fallen, it was fixed somehow, and I lied down in the middle of the floor, just thinking; what am I supposed to be going here? Why am I here? How did I die? How long have I been dead? Why don’t I have a room like the others in the book? And then I fell asleep.

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