The house

If you were to wake up, not knowing your past or where you are, would you be scared?

When 16 year old, Sophia is chased by unknown creatures in a place she doesn’t know; and wakes up not remembering anything from her past. She is forced to venture into an old house that is not what it seems. Why is she here? How can she get out? What secretes dose this old house hold? What happened in this mysterious house?


8. Curiousity

I was woken up with a gust of wind. “Why is it so cold?” I opened my eyes and saw the door was swinging in the breeze. I approached it slowly; when I stepped outside I saw the werewolves that were chasing me. I didn’t go anywhere near the gates, I was too scared of what could be lurking in the shadows of the full moon. I opened the book and flipped through all of the pages and read all the names quickly;

Peter, Molly, Paige, Natalie, Lily, Liam, Rachael, Sophia (me) and heaps more;

All up there was about 27 people, 27 people had died in this house, and I only knew how one of them did, and that one isn’t me.

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