Shelby's Payne

Shelby Davis is a normal 13 year old girl.

Except Liam Payne Is her father.


4. One direction? Ew

Shelby's P.O.V

What the-? Oh yeah, HE is in a famous boyband, One Direction. Ew.

"HI! IM LOUIS BUT YOU CAN CALL ME BOOBEAR!" the one with stripes screams whilst trying to hug me. I glare at him and he backs away.

"Sorry about him, I'm Zayn." Quiff smiles at me. No response.

"I'm Niall!" Blondie grins. I glare at him as well. He frowns.

"Harry Styles." Curly with Green Eyes says smoothly. Raising my eyebrows at him, I give him a 'Back off or I will murder you' look.

I just look at them with pure hatred. No emotion passes through my face. If they're smart, they'll look at my eyes and see that they slightly changed color.

"Hello?" Louis asks, waving his hand in front of my face. I get up, send my most evil look (which I have heard is pretty terrifying) and exit my room.

"Shelby!" Liam's horrid voice calls. "What're you doing?"

I don't respond and simply walk into the bathroom. If you are thinking what I think you are thinking, No. I do NOT cut. That is not a good habit.

Instead, I just look at the girl in the mirror. I actually am scaring myself. The hatred in my eyes: the pure hate. I'm scared of what I might do to these freakshows.

A tear almost slips out of my eye, but I catch it before it gets too far. Don't be weak Shelby! Pull through! For Rebecca! Just think of what she would tell you. Hmmm... Probably some nasty stuff, so scratch that.

Ten minutes later, I quietly exit the bathroom and hear voices in the kitchen.

"I just don't know what to do with her! I think I was so caught up at having a kid, I just wanted to beat Rebecca for once." Liam whispers.

Beat her? Is that why I'm here?! I am fuming. It's all I have in me not to go slap him upside the head.

"Well, mate, give 'er some time, eh? She probably is pretty upset, and didn't want to come." I think Zayn tells him.

That's only half the reason why.

"Who knows? Maybe she's had a secret crush on me for a long time and now can't date me because of you!" Harry says.

In his dreams. Or better yet, nightmares. Where I am brutally stabbing him with a knife and then my crush, jack, wi come to-

Off topic again? Sorry!

"I'm gonna go check on her." Liam sighs. My eyes widen. Quietly and quickly, I run down the hall and into my room, making it look like I've been here a while.

"Shelby? Can I come in?" Liam asks through the door.

I don't answer as usual and turn my head away. The door softly opens, and I feel the bed move down a little bit.

"Hey." he says softly. I turn to glance at him.

His face is calm. His eyes read happiness. At what? Me?! If he can read mine they say 'Take me home. I hate you.'

Just as quickly as I looked at him, I turn away.

"Listen Shelby, I know this is hard for you, but please hear me out." Liam begs.

No response.

"Well, I can see that you aren't going to be mature about this, so maybe another time."


I don't even think he's heard my voice yet.

Good. He doesn't deserve to. Singing is something I enjoy, but I don't need a "Father-Daughter Bonding Thing" in my life. Ever.

I was fine the way I was. Happy, with friends, and in a happy home.

Now, I'm Angry, Sad, Lonely, Without Friends, and in a home that might seem happy to some.

If they ever think I'll be happy they're wrong.

Liam will never be my father.

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