Shelby's Payne

Shelby Davis is a normal 13 year old girl.

Except Liam Payne Is her father.


2. Liam Freaking Payne

*****Shelby's POV******

I looked up into the smiling face of .




And I Hated HIm.

He smiled down at Rebecca, a pretty girl with carmel skin and brown curly hair on his arm. I smirked at both of them.

Rebecca caughs and mutters."hey liam.."

"Who's this?" he turns his face toward me, still smiling.

He seriously dosen't know who I am? I have his eyes and rebecca's long dark brown hair.

I roll my eyes and he chuckles, his eyes sparkling. I want to smack that smirk off of his face.

"My daughter." Rebecca looks down at her lap, her hands clasped in it and I stare defiantly at Liam.

"How old is she?" he asks, still inspecting my face.

"13." I hear him catch his breath and he turns to his beautiful girlfrind.(Yes, i know that means that he was like suupppperrrr young so just bear with me because she needs to be old enough to understand whats going on, and not some little 8 year old))

"Hey dani, can you buy me some tea please? I'll be right over."

"Sure" she smiles at him and pecks his cheek before sauntering off swaying her hips more than a normal person does. She is such a dumb blonde. I roll my eyes. ((i love dani i have nothing against her its just for the sake of the story!!!! :))

Liam turns back to Rebecca. He gives her a sharp look and nods his head at me slightly. "She mine?"

"erm.... yeah.." Rebecca breathes.

Liam just looks to the side, shaking his head, muttering under his breath. "You kept my own daugher from me? How could you!?!?" He snaps.

Rebecca cowers under his gaze and mutters an apologie.

Danielle stalks over, a discusted look on her face.

"You have a daughter and you didn't tell me?"

"NO- let me explain-" He protests

"What is there to explain, LIAM. You double faced cheater!!" She screams at him. The entire shop is staring at us with wide eyes. I lay my forehead on my arms, staring down at the table and hear a stinging slap. The door slams and the bell goes crazy, jingling like mad while the other customers just go back to their own buisness.

"Thanks Rebecca. And just so you know, I will be taking this to court. You kept my daughter from me, and I think its time you handed her over." He snarls before storming out of the little coffee shop.

I stare at Rebecca with wide eyes. "I am not going to live with him, mom"

"Honey, If the court decides to hand you over.. im afraid there is nothing I can do!!" she hugs me as I cry into her shirt.

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