Shelby's Payne

Shelby Davis is a normal 13 year old girl.

Except Liam Payne Is her father.


3. Hostility

***Shelby's POV***

I was waiting outside the courtroom a few weeks after I saw Liam for the first time.

Liam actually did file for ownership of me and this session in the courtoom was the one that decided my fate..

Woah. that sounded so dramatic, i just mean that it would decide who I live whish.

You know, I wish i lived in a time where you could 'decide your fate' I'd probably be Katniss, or that frizzy haired rehead from Brave.. I mean, I want a bear for a mom!! who dosen't?!?

Suddenly, the doors swing open and my head snaps up to see Liam and Rebecca emerge with several other people wearing suits.

Rebecca's eyes are swollen and red like she's been crying, and Liam is smiling triumphantly.

Then it hits me.

Liam won the case.

Oh no..

The two come over to me and Liam tries to hug me, but I shove him off, glaring at him. He smirks.

Rebecca hugs me and I embrace her with a tight one back, rubbing her back as we do, comforting her. but it was really more of a comforting gesture to me.

She lets me go and nods slightly at me. I nod back and hold back my tears. That's one reason I like Katniss so much. She learns to hold in her emotions, and that's exactly what I will do while i'm with Liam.

No reaction for him. Nope, Nada.

Liam helps me up, talking to me, but I don't even bother to listen. He just sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher. blah, blah, blah.

He ushers me into a limo and I slide in obediently.

The drive to Liam's flat was short and I climb out and wait at the elevator. He and I ride it up to floor 4 and he unlocks #5.

The flat is mostly dark blues and pale reds. The kitchen is modern silver steel and the Living room has a leather couch and a large HD T.V. screen.

He shows me my room. Its not even impresive.

The walls are a pale yellow with white trim and I have a canopy bed with black, white, and yellow blanket on top.

I just close the door behind me and lay down on my bed.

Liam comes in an hour later and brings me a bag with my stuff, he must have gone back to get it..

Once he leaves, I pull out my journal and my drawing notebook.

I start to draw first, just letting my feelings take the wheel.

The paper was divided in half with an iron gate. One side was light and bright with a bench and a beautiful woman. The other half was dark, and swirly, unknown.

A figure was standing on the dark side. The gate was locking her in and she was standing there with no expression or emotion.

that was me.

I closed the notebook, slightly more happy and pulled out my journal.

Dear Journ

was as far as I got before the door slammed open and four eager faces of teenage boys beamed at me.

Great. Just Great.
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