Shelby's Payne

Shelby Davis is a normal 13 year old girl.

Except Liam Payne Is her father.


1. Rebecca?

****Shelby's POV***

I felt my covers yanked off of me and I squealed,

"Shelby Davis-slash-Payne GET UP NOW!!!!" My mother, Rebecca yelled in my ear, tickeling me. I laughed and swung out of bed.

"I have art class first so you can tag along if you want" she grinned.

"I will! just give me a minute to get changed" I smiled at mom and as she left the room, I pulled on a pair of faded skinny jeans and a batman shirt.

My mother, Rebecca Davis, was still in college. I had been born when she was twelve, young I know, and here we are, 14 years later with no father and no job. My mother was an art major and I was amazed at her beautiful sketches. I was able to go to school and had many friends.

I stunbled out of the house after my smiling mother, still pulling on my neon yellow vans. We arrived at Pete's Coffe House minutes later and slipped out to grab a drink. Mom paid for my hot chocolate and grabbed an iced tea as well. Suddenly, the bell rang, signigalling that another customer had entered. We didnt pay any attention until that certain someone came up to our table with a woman.



yes, i know, im an epic fail at cliffhangers.. oh well :P anyway please vote, comment, and fan!!! :)
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