A singing passion

A seventeen year old girl named grace toute was a singing student in galelios multi Center. She was the best singer there. She had a best friend named louis tomlinson who was trying out for the ex factor with her but grace didn't go because she got terribly sick. Can Louis get her back on her feet again?


3. flash back

I fell asleep around 9:30 and had the weirdest dream of my life.


Alrighty baby you ready for you first day of kinxergarden? My motger asks. "Yeah! She takes me inside and she greets the teacher. "Hi." "Hello im hazel. "Im ... savannah. Around 9:30 class had begun. "Almighty children let's start by interdusing ourselves. How about you first young lady? "Um... im savannah. And I love to dance and sing. "Would you sing for us? "Uh sure. I sang that wonderful song and resized then and there I wanted to be a singer.
*end flashback*
I woke up sort of panting. Good it was just a dream. I laid back down and closed my eyes once again.
Um this is an authors note real quick id like to thank gwe7n for giving me this idea so thank her by comments
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