A singing passion

A seventeen year old girl named grace toute was a singing student in galelios multi Center. She was the best singer there. She had a best friend named louis tomlinson who was trying out for the ex factor with her but grace didn't go because she got terribly sick. Can Louis get her back on her feet again?


2. discoveries

I went downstairs to grab a bowl of cereal. I saw my twin sisterts fighting again. God they get on my nerves a lot! I grab my bookbag and head to school. I jump in my mini coop and drive to nialls. "Hey baby need a lift?" "Thanks." He said in a beautiful irish accent. Today was the last day of senior year. Niall and I would break apart if it wouldn't last through college. I walk through the building admiring the schools insides one last time before I head to college to become a singer.
I know its short I had the erg to write but didn't feel like it. Comment what you think

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