A singing passion

A seventeen year old girl named grace toute was a singing student in galelios multi Center. She was the best singer there. She had a best friend named louis tomlinson who was trying out for the ex factor with her but grace didn't go because she got terribly sick. Can Louis get her back on her feet again?


1. Discoveries

Me and my family had moved to a new town in England 3 weeks ago. We got Into this huge fight because I wouldn't help her so she slapped me and I told her I hated her. I ran out the door as ast as I could, slipped my flip flops on and ran for the woods. I couldn't see where I was going from my tear duct being full. I ran for hours. I finally came to a place that had vines everywhere but it looked like a park. My bad thoughts had disappeared. I started to walk home and got to the house around 9:30.
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