Ally is a normal girl in a normal school well everything changes from that when she meets a Niall Horan


1. Meeting

Ally's POV

*BOOP BOOP BOOP* I slammed off my alarm clock "Ugh" I yawned I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom picked up my clear toothbrush ad started to brush I fianally spit and rinced after that I brushed my long blonde hair I got the last knot out and brushed my hair twice to make sure then put a gray bow in it I went back to my room and went through my closet and decided on a gray hoodie with sparkly skinny jeans and gray flats I put on my clothes then packed my bag ran downstairs shoved my mouth with cereal after that I walked to school "Hey Ally" said Blake "Ugh leave me alone today" I said,you see Blake is the schools biggest "Popular" and I'm the only one that doesn't fall head over heels for him so yah "Nah that's never fun" he said walking beside me "Well I know what is" I said "And what's that" he smirked then I kicked him in the shin then walked away "Ow" Blake said hoping on one foot while craddling the other "Now that's what I call fun" I smiled and went off to class


"And they say she's in the class A team been this way since eighteen" I sang when another voice sang along I turned around and saw a blonde haired boy with clear braces he didn't notice he was singing until I stopped "Hi" I said a little to loud "Hi" he said with a really strong Irish accent "You have a very good voice" he said walking beside me reminding me of this morning so I started laughing "That wasn't a joke" Blondie said "Oh no I know it's just today someone was walking beside me and I ended upkicking their shin" after that he backed away a little "Don't worry that person was really stuck up you seem far from that" I giggled "Thanks" he said "Oh I'm Ally" I said holding out my hand "Niall" he said shaking my hand "Wait Niall Horan" I asked I was a HUGE One Direction fan "Yah please don't scream" Niall said holding his hands to his ears and closing his eyes hard I touched his hand and I felt sparks flowing through my veins but I ignored it so I could move his hands from his ears he looked as if he felt it to but I doubt it "Don't worry" I said

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