I've been married to my wonderful husband Nathan for about 2 years. He is really amazing. But I have a HUGE secret. I've been cheating on Nathan, with his best friend Justin. He drives me crazy, he's sexy, he knows how to please me, and lets not forget GREAT in bed(;
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1. Not My Husband.

I sat there on my bed waiting for Nathan to leave for work. Sitting there tapping my fingers, checking my phone. Why do I want my husband to leave? Because every morning I start thinking about Justin, his tan muscular arms wrapped around me, his cute little smile he gets when we joke around, how when he talks to me I still feel like I'm not married but in a deep relationship with Justin. The more I though about this, the more I wanted Nathan to leave. "Nathan, it's time to go.!!" I yelled hoping it worked. "I'm coming babe" I heard him say before walking out of the bathroom. "Alright, I'm leaving" he said while adjusting his tie. "Bye honey" I said before he left. As soon as Nathan walked out the bedroom door, I got up and looked out the window, waiting for him to pull out of the drive way. I saw him get into the car turn on the music and than checked himself out in his mirror before leaving. It's not that Nathan's not attractive, it's just I have fallen way more deeply in love with Justin. I called Justin. "Hello?" Justin answered. "Hey, umm Nathan left and I'm all alone, in this big house.?" I said. "Well, I'm kinda in the middle of something right now." He replied. "But Jussstttiinnn" i begged, "I'm all alone and horny for you" "I'll be over in 5 minutes" he said quickly before hanging up. That always works. And I'm so ready for Justin.
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