The Elemental Angels

Melody Simons was a normal teenage girl that loved to keep to herself other than around her best friend Luca Pino. Well that's what she thought until her 16th birthday one snowy day in December. Her family tells her about her ancestors, the angels. Melody with the help of her friends, Luca, Caleb, Kai, Kalina, Aura, May, and Aidan they will try to save the world of Eleme as The Elemental Angels.


3. This Is Just A Dream


“The music

Is inside your heart

Listen to it

And we won’t grow apart

We’ll be with you

Inside your heart

I will love you with all my heart”

I sighed as my mother finished the song. I looked up at her, “I love you mom.”

“I love you too Melody.” She smiled and brushed my hair out of my eyes. “Remember this song forever and I will always be with you.”

“I won’t have to worry about that just yet. I have had this song memorized since I was three so there is no need to worry about that either, “I smiled.

“I am being serious Mel. There are some things that you are going to be told in the next few days that you will not understand at first, but you need to remember that it is who you are and meant to be.” She stood up, “I may not be with you in the days to come. You must trust these stories and stay close to Luca and your brothers they will help you in the few ways they can.”

“Mom what are you talking about?” I backed away from her.

“You will understand in time. Remember we love you, your father, your brothers, Luca, and I. We love you very much and we would not do anything to hurt you.” Her eye brows went down like they do when she is mad. “There are evil people out there that want to hurt you, I can’t explain to you now everything will come in time.” She started to back away and fade.

“I don’t understand. Where are you going?” I started to chase after her. “Mom come back I need you!!! PLEASE DON’T GO!!!” I went to grab her hand, but she vanished. I fell to my knees as tears started to form in my eyes, “Mom come back……….I need you……I love you…….don’t leave me.” I brought my knees to my chest and cried into them.


Go away. Leave me alone to die. I can’t do this. I need her here with me.


My eyes shot open. Larak, Piper, Apollo, and Roni were staring at me. I was no longer hidden in the crawl space; we were in my room on the floor. I looked up to see my head was on Luca’s lap. I was just a dream. “Where is mom? Where’s dad?”

Larak, Piper, and Apollo looked at their feet. “We will explain later. First things first we need to get out of here.” Roni said picking me up off of Luca’s lap and stood me up.  There were boxes all around my room and my shelves were almost empty. “Everyone finish packing and then we are leaving.” Everyone but Luca left the room.

Luca went over to one of shelves and started putting all of it into a box. I went over to a dresser and started neatly folding my clothes and put them in the nearest box. We packed in silence.

Once we finished packing Luca ran over to his house to talk to his family. I brought my boxes down stairs. I took one last look at my room. My crawl space, that I pretended was a cave when I was little that hid creatures beyond comprehension but only understandable through imagination and it was my hide away when I was upset like the time when Roni wouldn’t stop picking on me so I hid from him and cried. My window seat, where I spent the majority of the time looking out the window, reading, singing, and day dreaming, this was my room I had so many fond memories in here. Now it was all going away. Why?

I’ve learned to listen to Roni when he gets serious like this so I never asked why I had to pack up my room. Where we moving? I few were then where are we going? Is Luca coming too? I had so many questions spinning through my head like they were on a merry go round that was out of control. But there is still that question that is bugging me that no one ever answered for me, where is mom and dad?

I went down stairs with my last box and put it with the rest in the living room. “You ready to go Mel?” Roni asked. I nodded.  Luca came through the door, “My family is on their way there.” Roni nodded.

“Okay here is the plan. We are going to have to split up to keep them away from Melody. Apollo and Piper you are in charge of all of our stuff get it to the school as soon as possible. Larak and I will go on ahead first to inform the headmaster of the incident and prepare for your arrivals. Lastly Luca you take Melody never let her leave your side till you get to the school. Everyone understand?” Everyone but me nodded. “Mel I’m sorry you will understand when we get there. We can’t explain till then. Now we have to get a move on there will be more coming.”

Roni and Larak went to the backyard, Apollo and Piper stayed where they were staring at the boxes, and Luca and I got into his car. I watched Roni and Larak take flight; they did have wings and they looked a lot like angel wings. Why can’t I fly?

We pulled away from my house and I caught one last glimpse of normalcy before we drove out of sight. Who am I kidding my life was never normal. I know my life will never be the same after this.


It was a long drive to where ever we were going. Luca let me turn on the radio and I sang the majority of the way other than that I slept or stared out the window hoping there were answers in the clouds.

We pulled up in front of an old iron gate. The gate slowly opened when Luca pulled out his crystal that he always wore around his neck that he showed to a little camera on the brick pillar. We drove up the long drive way that was surrounded by a forest. It feels like we are traveling into a different world; the atmosphere is so different now than before we passed the gate.  The feeling is peaceful, safe, and magical, if that doesn’t sound weird, but so far nothing that happened today was normal! We finally made it to the end of the tree line and a beautiful, old brick mansion started to come into view.  I have never seen any building more beautiful it was like a building that you would see in an old historical magazine or something. You know the ones with fountains in the center of the driveway, the grand garden and yard. There was an old iron fence that matched the gate surrounding the property. It was so isolated.

We parked out in front of the mansion and started to unpack the things we had in the back of the car. I closed the trunk of the car and turned around to look at the building, wow was it beautiful. The front door opened and a man and a woman walked out and down the stairs over to meet Luca and me.

“Welcome Melody Simons and Luca Pino to the Elemental Academy for young Elemental Angels.”

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