The Elemental Angels

Melody Simons was a normal teenage girl that loved to keep to herself other than around her best friend Luca Pino. Well that's what she thought until her 16th birthday one snowy day in December. Her family tells her about her ancestors, the angels. Melody with the help of her friends, Luca, Caleb, Kai, Kalina, Aura, May, and Aidan they will try to save the world of Eleme as The Elemental Angels.


5. Settling

She perked her head up from her book. She smiled. “Hello!”

“Um…hi.” I hide behind my hair.

“Well Miss Simmons we will leave you in the hands of Kalina. Have a good night.” Mrs. Summers bowed her head and left.

“If you need anything Mel give me call or a text and I will be here before you can even bat a wing.” Luca chuckled at his little joke. He gave me a hug then left the room closing the door behind him.

I looked at Kalina. She was very pretty. Her long dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a high pony tail. Her eyes were light pink and sparkled behind her black framed glasses when she smiled. I though I had unique colored eyes! She looked as if she was my age but she about a head taller than me. Kalina seemed like she is the perky, girly type. There was also so much caring in the sparkle in her eyes.

I looked around the room from where I stood still in front of the door. It was a very pretty room. The beds were old black metal bed frames with a beautiful swirl design for the head and base board. One bed was covered in pink bed sheets; which is the bed Kalina is sitting on. The other bed had purple bed sheets that I assumed was my bed because purple was my favorite color.  There were desks and comfy looking rolling chairs on the opposite side of the room both near a door. There were five doors; Kalina explained that two were closets the one on the right was mine along with the desk next to it. The door between our desks was the bathroom and the door between our beds was a door to a balcony.

I quickly ran over to the French door between our beds and threw them open. The view was amazing! Our balcony overlooked the garden I saw earlier. “Wow.” I sighed and leaned on the railing. “Amazing right?” Kalina walked onto the balcony and leaned on the railing next to me. “We got really lucky with this room it is one of the few rooms in this school to have a balcony and to make it even better we are the only ones to have a view over the garden like this.”

Kalina motioned over to the little table and seats that were on the balcony. I took a seat and continued to stare at the amazing view. “That is Gabriel’s Garden. All of the Earth talent angel’s take care of the garden. Many students love to have lunch in the garden and some like me enjoy finding a quiet spot in the garden to read.”

“So you are the infamous Melody Simmons?” I nod my head at her question. “If you want tomorrow I could give you a tour of the grounds?”

“Sure that would be great.  I don’t really want to walk around looking like an idiot first day of classes.” We chuckled. “Well I think I’m going to go shower and go to bed. I’m tired it was too much craziness and information for one day for such a little girl like me.”

“Okay sleep tight lil’ Melody.” She smiled.


“Melody?......Wakey wakey sleepy head!” a husky voice whispered in my ear while trying to shake me awake. “Mel come on it’s time to get up.”

I groaned, “Five more minutes.”

“Mel you are forcing me to do this.” The voice chuckled, “TICKLE TIME.”

My eyes shot open as the fingers reached my sides and started to tickle me. I couldn’t control my laughter. “Luca Pino!!!!! STOP TICKLING ME!!” I yelled at him between laughs.

“Are you awake now?” He smirked.

“Yes now stop!” I tried to wiggle away from his fingers. When he finally stopped I grabbed my sides and tried to catch my breath.

“Come on now Kalina and my roommate are going to give us a tour of the grounds!” I crawled out of bed at his words. I looked over at the door to see a tall, skinny boy standing in the door way. Wow was he good looking. He had ocean blue eyes and long side swept brown hair. I looked at his face to see he was blushing and trying not to look at me……shit…..I looked down at what I was wearing remembering I sleep in only a large t-shirt, sports bra, and my underwear……I chose the wrong day to wear lace panties. I didn’t really mind Luca seeing since we grew up together and he has slept over before. We made breakfast together only him in his boxes and me in just my pjs.

“Both of you……..GET OUT OF MY ROOM.” I screamed at them and they both sprinted out closing the door behind them. Kalina was rolling around on the floor laughing at my actions. I flushed bright red and walked over to my closet to for clothes.

I washed my face, got dressed, and brushed my hair and teeth. When I finished I met Kalina, Luca, and his roommate in the hallway. “Melody, this is Kai Bae and Kai, this in my best friend Melody Simmons.” I shook Kai’s hand.

Kalina and Kai showed us all around the school and the grounds. There were four buildings on the school grounds.  The class rooms were in the main building. The library and computer rooms were on the third floor and the classrooms were on the first two floors. Anything sports related was in a separate building area to the left of the main building. It held a training room, a pool, gym, locker room, and workout room.  In the back of that building were two giant sports fields and a tennis court. The building to the right of the main building was the auditorium where they held assemblies, a few plays, movies, and concerts. Kalina says they try to make this feel like normal school as much as possible to help the students transition better. Then the last building is the dorms, the right wing is girls, the left wing is boys, and the main floor of that is the cafeteria and a few lounges. Smack dab in the middle of everything is Gabriel’s Garden.

I think I may actually like it here the people are so nice and it’s all so beautiful here. I sighed as I took a seat on a stone bench in the garden with Luca, Kalina, and Kai.

“Why isn’t it the little mouse and sparkle boy!” I turned my head to see my worst fear. Aidan.

(Just a little notes from the author! I changed Melody's age to 17 and Larak's to 18! Thank you! Feedback would be awesome! Bye Lovelies -Sara)

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