The Elemental Angels

Melody Simons was a normal teenage girl that loved to keep to herself other than around her best friend Luca Pino. Well that's what she thought until her 16th birthday one snowy day in December. Her family tells her about her ancestors, the angels. Melody with the help of her friends, Luca, Caleb, Kai, Kalina, Aura, May, and Aidan they will try to save the world of Eleme as The Elemental Angels.


4. Elemental Angels???

A school for what??? I stared at the man and woman with my mouth hanging open. 

"I understand your confusion Melody. How about you two follow us to my office so we can explain." The man said and Luca nodded.

We followed both of them through the long hallways of what they called a school that looked more like a mansion. It was beautiful. The red carpets were laid across the stone floor. There were paintings and pictures hanging on the walls. As we passed by a wall of windows I could see the most beautiful garden. All the flowers were in bloom and there were little animals running around, birds flying to and fro, and little insects flying or crawling from plant to plant. If I am stuck living here I wouldn't mind as long as I got to visit that garden every now and then.

"Mel?" I turned my head from the window to see Luca indicating to follow him into an office. I did not notice that I stopped walking. I ran to catch up to him and then walked into the office.

It was as if I walked into the Oval Office in the White House. It was set up almost exactly like it. The only difference was the rug was red and had a black insignia or a crest of the school. There were five circles, arranged like a 5 in a deck of cards. In each circle there were a symbol: top right was the symbol of water, under that the symbol of fire, top left was the symbol for earth, under that was the symbol for air, lastly in the middle was a heart. Around each circle were much smaller circles around them, each had another symbol. 

I took a seat on the couch next to Luca opposite of the man and woman.

"Welcome Melody and Luca to Elemental Academy. We hope you enjoy and feel safe here like so many of our students do. I am Headmaster Alina Summers. Please call me Headmaster, Headmaster Summers, or Mrs. Summers." said the woman. She seemed very nice and she was very pretty. she had long blonde wavy hair and eyes exactly like Luca's. She was about a foot taller than me in her heels. She was wearing a very pretty light sundress as if she was going to the beach.

"And I am Assistant Headmaster Iri Rowtag. Please call me Mr. Rowtag." The man said. He was very tall. His eyes were a light grey and his hair was jet black with the ends dipped in red. He looked more professional than the headmaster. He had on a grey suit with a red tie. He also seemed more strict than Mrs. Summers.

"What we are about to tell you many come as a shock to you Miss Simons, so please refrain from questions till we finish." Mrs. Summers said. I nodded. That all I wanted I wanted the truth and  for all of this to be explained; even though I'm not showing it I am terrified and confused.

"We, including you are all angels. We are very special angels though, we can control the elements and its subgroups. You know the four main elements: air, earth, fire, and water. There is one more, it may sound a little cheesy but it is love. Each element has a sub-element or talents as we like call them here. For example both I and Luca are light angels. These types of angels are a sub-element to fire which is Mr. Rowtag's talent." That would explain the insignia. It showed each element and the sub-elements. "This is a school for young children and teens to help develop and learn to use and control their talents. You, Melody, are a sound angel, you control all the sound around you. Sound talents are an elemental subgroup of love." Mrs. Summers said.

"Usually a child grows up with the knowledge that they are an angel, but we had to keep it a secret from you Mel." Roni and all of brothers walked in. The twins took a seat on the floor in front of the headmasters, Roni took a seat next to them, and Larak took a seat next to me. "We are sorry we had to keep it from you for so long sis. All four of us grew up knowing this, but mom and dad told us not to say anything or do anything that would show our talents around. The whole family has sound talent. " He paused and looked down at his feet.

Larak picked up from where Roni stopped. "Remember what dad used to say? Where ever there was good in the world there was also bad so we have to be careful. Well he wasn't lying. Since there are Elemental Angels there are the Hellions. Hellions look very much like us but they are very different. They have black wings and they are pure evil. When ever we do good, they always try to destroy it. That's the reason why we had to keep you a secret until now."

"Melody, they want you." My eyes widened from fright as I stared at Piper. "That's why one of them came to the house today. We don't know why they want you." They wanted me......why?.....what can I do for them? I'm just 17. I just found out I have this "special talent." I'm so confused and scared. I started to tremble a little. Apollo got up from where was sitting on the ground and knelt down next to me and placed his hands on mine, "But we promise Mel we will not let them take you away from us. That's why we brought you here, this is one of the safest places for angels."

I let all this information sink in. It was silent for a few minutes. I looked up from my hands, "Roni......I want you to tell me the truth.." I took a deep breath then spoke again. "Where are mom and dad?"

All of my brothers looked at their hands. Apollo let go of mine and looked at his. "Please Roni tell me." He looked up from his hands and his eyes met mine. His eyes were filled with worry and tears. I looked around at my other brothers and as my eyes met each of them I understood.

My eyes started to fill with tears. "No. This can't be true. My mom and dad.........dead......because of the Hellions. Why do they want me? Why? I can't do anything! I'm not special.....I'm just a nobody!" I put my head in my hands. Luca started to rub my back and I laid my head in his lap. The dream that I had in the crawl space came back to me......she was actually gone.

"I will love you with all of my heart" The last notes of our song played in my head. My brothers all came over to me and wrapped me in a hug.

"How about we continue this later it is getting late and I think Melody needs to rest." Mrs. Summers said.

She lead me to my room and Luca followed so he can find it later. We walked up to the third floor and down the long hallway to the last room on the left. 

"You will have one other roommate. She is in all of your classes so she can help you with the transition. She will also fill you in on the school rules and the how-tos here." She opened the door, "Kalina Kaminski meet your new roommate, Melody Simmons."

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