The Elemental Angels

Melody Simons was a normal teenage girl that loved to keep to herself other than around her best friend Luca Pino. Well that's what she thought until her 16th birthday one snowy day in December. Her family tells her about her ancestors, the angels. Melody with the help of her friends, Luca, Caleb, Kai, Kalina, Aura, May, and Aidan they will try to save the world of Eleme as The Elemental Angels.


2. Birthday!


I got a few doors away from my study hall, so I stared to slow down. I leaned up against the nearest wall and tried to catch my breath. It’s not like I don’t like singing in front of people, I’d love to sing to people other than my family and Luca. It’s that I promised my mom when I was little not to sing in front of anyone. So I never did. The only reason Luca knows is because my mom said we could trust him and his family. I never understood why I couldn’t sing in front of anyone, I never questioned it. So every time I had to sing in public I faked stage fright and broke down crying on stage.

I caught my breath, stood up, and readjusted myself before walking into my study hall. Once I opened the door everyone’s eyes were on me and the whispers started as they always did. I took an empty seat away from everyone, but I could still hear them even if they were whispering. I’ve always had really good hearing, I swear I could hear a pin drop from a mile away if I wanted to. I have learned to ignore the whispering though. I plugged my headphones in to block out the whispers for the rest of the period.

Once the final bell of the day rang I made my way to my locker.

“Hey there!” I turned my head around to see Aidan again……shit.

“I’m sorry I have to go.” I slammed my locker.

“So you do talk!” He slammed his hand on his locker and pined me between him and my locker. “Where do you think you are going?”

“Do you mind I have to go meet up with my ride?”

“But I have to ask you something.” He leaned in closer to me.

We heard someone clear their throat behind us. “Do you mind getting off of my friend? She asked you to leave her alone.” Luca came to my rescue as always.

“Why does it matter to you?”

“I said back off!” Luca looked Aidan directly in the eyes. Aidan’s eyes turned a bright red as if they were on fire and I thought my eyes were unique.

“That is quite enough boys!” A teacher walked up and stopped the soon to be fight.

They both separated.

“You win this time sparkle boy.” He gave me one quick look over and smirked, “You got lucky boy.” He walked away.

“Be more careful Mel!” Luca took his gaze off of Aidan and calmed down. “What did he want anyway?” He had the concerned “big brother” look on his face. Luca was like my big brother that makes 5 brothers.

“I know I’m sorry.” I looked down at the floor. “He kinda caught me singing and he wouldn’t leave me alone after I tried to run away!”

“Well, be more careful. Come let’s go home before he comes back.” Luca lead the way to his car. After getting into the car he calmed down a lot and we went back to joking around as usual.

He pulled into my driveway. “Oh and by the way! Happy Birthday!!!” He pulled out a cute little bag from the back seat of his car. “Aw Luc you didn’t have to get me anything!” I said taking the present from him. “How could I not? It’s your sixteenth birthday! Hurry up and open it!”

I opened the little baggy and inside was a little box. I opened the box and inside was a beautiful necklace. “Oh my god! Did you really get this for me?” Luca nodded. The necklace was silver with a little charm, an outline of a heart with wings and a little purple stone at the bottom of the heart. “It’s so beautiful! Luca you are the best!” I put the necklace on and I gave him a massive hug.

“It was nothing! I got it from a little store and I showed it to your mom and she said it was perfect!” I released him from the hug and he smiled. “Come on we should go inside and continue the rest of your birthday fun!” We both hopped out of the car and ran to my room.

We sat around my room and talked for a while then we put my favorite movie in “Tangled” and curled up on my bed to watch it. I loved this movie my favorite part is when they are on the boat singing watching the lanterns. Luca says I sound like Rapunzel when I sing especially when I sing “I See the Light.”

“Melody! Luca! Come down here!” My mom called.

“COMING!!!!” We called. We ran down stairs to meet my mom and family in the kitchen. They had the lights off and they were surrounding the island and there was a cake with birthday candles burning.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! LIL MEL!” My oldest brother Roni screamed. The twins Apollo and Piper tackled me to the ground in a massive bear hug, “Happy 17th Birthday lil sis!!!” Larak was leaning against the counter trying to act all cool, who am I kidding he was cool, “Happy birthday Mel.”

Did I mention I was the youngest in the family and the only girl? Roni is 24 and my oldest brother he came back home from teaching to wish me a happy birthday. Apollo and Piper are 19 and are on winter break from college. Lastly Larak who is only a year older than me, 18, we go to the same school, but I rarely see him. Both of my parents run a little bakery down town that everyone loves. People love to come in and listen to my mom hum while she helps my dad bake.

I blew out the candles on my cake and opened the presents my family gave me. Roni got me a new stuffed animal mouse, which are my favorite animal, the twins got me my favorite candy chocolate covered pretzels, Larak got me new head phones since mine always break, and my parents got me a new CDs. I thanked them for all the wonderful presents and was about to go back upstairs with Luca when someone knocked on the door.

“I got it since I’m going that way anyway!” I said as I walked towards the door and Luca followed me. I opened the door, “Hello?” Standing in the doorway was a man dressed in black pants and a black hoodie with the hood up, but what really caught my eye is that he had wings. I stood there staring at him, “Melody move!” Luca grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to my room as I watched the man smile and my family attack him before he could pounce. My family seemed to have transformed they had wings too! And I’m not talking like fairy wings in some fairytale no I mean angel wings! I was able to grab one last look before Luca pulled me into my room, closed the door, and started to barricade the door with my things.

“What the hell is going on!!!???” I looked at Luca with a terrified face. “Tell you later, but right now you can help me by hiding.” He looked me straight in the eyes. I’ve never seen him this serious before he wasn’t even this serious when he almost got into a fight with Aidan.  I did as he said and hid in the little crawl space my family told me to go in case of an emergency. Once the door was fully barricaded Luca joined me in the crawl space and closed the door. A light started to form in Luca’s hand. I shuffled backwards away from him afraid of what was going on. “Calm down Mel, it’s just a ball of light. I’ve done this a thousand times when I read at night.”

We had to wait till we got the all clear from my family before we go out of our hiding spots. It was cold in the crawl space, I started to shiver. Luca scooted over to me and wrapped his arm around me and something that also felt like feathers. I couldn’t tell what was going on I was so dazed and confused. I rested my head on Luca’s shoulder and fell asleep dreaming of my mom singing to me to comfort me like she did when I was little.

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