The Elemental Angels

Melody Simons was a normal teenage girl that loved to keep to herself other than around her best friend Luca Pino. Well that's what she thought until her 16th birthday one snowy day in December. Her family tells her about her ancestors, the angels. Melody with the help of her friends, Luca, Caleb, Kai, Kalina, Aura, May, and Aidan they will try to save the world of Eleme as The Elemental Angels.


1. Melody


All alone, finally! I closed the door behind me and walked out onto stage. The school’s auditorium was empty as usual around this time. I always snuck into here during my study hall. Got to love being an upper class-man all I have to do is check in with my study hall teacher then the music teacher then I am golden. I love coming here. This place is my escape. I can sing whatever I want and not get yelled at, I could dance like a fool to music I can only hear, or take nap in peace if I wanted to.

My name is Melody Simons. I am 17 and I am a Senior at Rodwell High School. I am not like other girls. I may look like one with my long brown wavy hair, but I have purple eyes. A lot of people like them and call them mysterious, but the rest think they are weird and not normal. To make it even worse I am short and I’m not talking about being average, no I am really short; I am the shortest kid in my grade. The one thing I love most about me is that I can sing. I‘ve been told by my family that I can sing really well, but those are the only people that have heard me sing other than my best friend Luca.

Luca Pino has been my best friend since we were babies. Our parents are very close friends so we got to hang out with each other all the time! He is always being chased by girls down the hallways. I always hear them talking about his luscious blonde hair and his dreamy green eyes with lots of golden flecks in them. Every time I hear them talking I laugh to myself because they will never have a chance with him because he is waiting for his “princess” and won’t let just anyone play with his heart. When I’m with Luca we act like dorks and joke around all the time, but when I am not with him I don’t talk. I like staying in my little comfort zone.

I tossed my bag onto one of the chairs that was set up with the others for the school band’s practice later.  I took center stage and I looked out into the audience. Every seat was empty, no one was around. Time to let my imagination run free.

 One by one the seats started to fill. The stage lights turned on and aimed directly at me. I heard people screaming my name begging me to sing. The song started to play; now it was my time to shine.

Lights up! Speakers blasting!

Microphone in hand

Band playing, crowd screaming

Waiting on my command

Take me away

Let the song play

I will fly away

And make my escape

I flew through the words of the song I had written. It wasn't that good but it was my favorite and I lost myself every time I sang it. I felt like I was flying. I loved singing with all my heart. It brought me to another world that only I could go to. I was performing my little heart out. It felt like magic.

Just then I heard a door slam.

I snapped out of it and tried to figure out which door just slammed.

“Why did you stop?” I heard a male voice come from the doors the audience would use to get into the room. I watched him as he walked down the isle of the auditorium toward me.  He finally stepped into the light. Wow was he good looking! He had fiery red hair and grey eyes that looked like ash from a fire. I couldn't take my eyes off of him afraid of what he was going to do. “I didn’t think anyone was in here at this time, I was looking for a quiet place to read.” I just stood there looking at him in silence. He climbed the stairs to get on stage. My eyes followed his every move. “Please continue singing you sounded amazing!” I just stared at him without a word. “What can’t talk? Cat got your tongue?” He chuckled.

I started to back away slowly towards where I left my bag. My eyes never leaving him. “Aw come on don’t walk away from me I don’t bite really.” He smiled at me. “My name is Aidan, I’m new here.” I just stared at him still slowly backing away to be careful not to bump into anything. “What’s your name?”

I finally reached my bag. I grabbed it and ran to the door. “Hey! Wait!” I heard him yell from the stage. I didn't stop to listen I just kept running back to my study hall. This birthday is turning out to be interesting.

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